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    Help with Remote PLease

    I cant get the Remote application to work I have a dell and got it to work on a friends mac It seems it's not connecting through the wifi to my computer and I don't have a wireless internet Any ideas?
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    New Case

    Hey yall, I know there are a thousand posts about case ideas but I was wondering if someone could recommend a new case for me. I currently have the Agent-18 but am looking for a new one since i recently bought a new iPhone and don't want it getting scratched up again. I'm looking at the iSkin...
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    Video Wallpaper

    Well I downloaded vWallpaper and couldnt get it to work so I unistalled it Now I have no sound Anyone know whats wrong?
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    Hey always see you post a lot about cool apps and the new drum kits for MooCows Drummer. Was wondering if you could add to installer kanye west's stronger
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    Drummer app problem!

    When i try to download the extra packages like the snoop etc i get an error saying Drummer was not found and install the source. But i already have it as a source and Drummer downloaded. Also getting a lot of Main execution failed on other downloads? Any ideas?
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    SMB Themes with SSH HElp!

    I cannot find anything after searching on how to put downloaded SMB themes on my phone. I have WNScp and have downloaded to my desktop and dragged into /private/var/mobile/Library/Summerboard/Themes but when i go into summerboard via my iPhone the theme is just my wallpaper and default icons...
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    Download failed!

    When i try to download apps i get an error message saying "Package download failed: can't find host! ANyone know whats wrong or how to fix this?
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    iPhone Video Recording

    Does anyone know how to add this app or can give me a source name/tell me how to get it
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    Anyone know how to get iPhone videos

    Just wondering how you get videos on the iPhone such as movies Not just youtube videos but full length movies Any help is appreciated on the matter
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    Help with home icons/ themes

    Hey yall I just jailbroke my phone and was wondering how i get a background on my home screen or change the buttons up for phone/safari/ipod etc Thanks for any help
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    Anyone able to get me going in right direction please?

    Recently i followed the guide to jail break 1.1.2 but im at the part where you need to go back to iTunes and update to 1.1.2 When going to iTunes there is no update icon, just asks me to recover from back up files or start a new phone Havnt been able to use my phone so any help would be...
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    Please help me get some apps! Help with or other programs

    I've searched the internet for a while and came across this site. Great site by the way! I don't know if i need or something else, if so let me know please I was hoping someone could give me a step by step tutorial on how to add apptap thing. It seems you need it for 3rd party...