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  1. bams50

    Return policy on iPhone?

    Just wondering if anybody knows the return policy. I bought the X 8 days ago and I just simply don’t like the narrow or screen. Ideally I’d like to turn it in and go with an 8+. Does anybody know if they will allow that over a week out?
  2. bams50

    Downloading movies on the X

    Can anyone suggest a place other than the iTunes store to get movies? I’m getting ready to do some long plane trips and I have the 256 gig iPhone X and I’d like to download a few movies. Not looking to get freebies necessarily, but damn, 13 bucks for a movie from iTunes is more than I’m willing...
  3. bams50

    X early impressions

    This forum has taught me a lot, so I wanted to contribute an uneducated review :) My 6+ started having issues, so I went on Monday to get a new phone. My intention was a 7+ or 8, but ended up with a 256 X. Apple pricing always gets me- they had a 7, but for not much more you can get the X, so X...
  4. bams50

    Camera ripples

    Recently when I turn on the camera and look at the screen the picture has waves in it, like ripples going across water. If I take a picture it will be blurry, if I do a video it will have the ripples in it. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't. Sunday I was doing a live video on...
  5. bams50

    My thoughts on the new devices

    Just watched the live Keynote, and I think maybe I have been spoiled. Reason being, I was not that wowed. There are some neat new features, yes, but nothing that really makes it great for me. Personally, my main areas of interest are durability, as in gorilla glass, and most of all, battery...
  6. bams50

    Shuts down, doesn't want to restart

    Wife's 6 is almost 3 years old, has always worked fine. But now twice in the last month, it has gone black and not wanted to restart. After fiddling with it for a while, eventually it powers back up, and seems to work fine. Not sure how we get it to turn on, I think holding the two buttons...
  7. bams50

    Finally it's time for a new iPhone for me!

    I limit myself to a new iPhone every three years. I have loved my 6+, but since I am looking to buy a new one I am very anxious to see what the next iteration is going to look like! As it is, since I don't pre-order or wait in lines it probably won't be until December or January until I can...
  8. bams50

    Landscape's Split Screen Issue

    On most forums, including this one, if I turn my phone sideways to landscape mode, it shows a split screen with The forum on the right and the selection page on the left. I want it to go full width in landscape to make it easier to read. How do I turn this off?
  9. bams50

    What the heck happened to my music?

    I have an iPhone 6 Plus on AT&T. With every iPhone I've had, including this one, I have listened to my music whenever I wanted, and could shoes by album, artist, genre, etc. Now, suddenly, the music app has gone crazy. I did a bunch of updates over the weekend, and I'm assuming one of them...
  10. bams50

    How to sync music between iPhones?

    Can't figure out how to get all the music from my 4s onto my 6 plus. ITunes recognozes both phones. When I added the 6+ to my iTunes, all my contacts, apps, and PURCHASED music loaded, but not the ones I had ripped to iTunes from CDs. Is this possible?
  11. bams50

    My 6 Plus review

    Have had my 6+ for a little over a month now. I'm not the 'must always have the latest' fan-boy type; but when I need a new item I tend to overthink/over-research. This case was no different. I carry two iPhones, one personal, one business. Last August my trusty 3GS on my business line finally...
  12. bams50

    What's the latest on replacement batteries?

    I know this has been discussed plenty, but was wondering what the latest wisdom is. My 4s is still in perfect condition after almost 4 years except for erratic battery life. I 'd love another 6+ for my business line to go with my personal one, but just can't afford it right now. So, I'm going to...
  13. bams50

    4s 16gb with shattered screen. Worth anything?

    Better half shattered the screen on her 4s. We thought about looking into fixing it, but it was out of contract with AT&T anyway, so we took the opportunity to upgrade to a 6. Everything on it still works as it should. Is it worth anything to sell, and if so, where? EBay?
  14. bams50

    I've decided on the 6

    I always said that I wanted a bigger iPhone. When I saw the 6 and 6+, I knew I would have to see them in person and hold them to decide. Walked into our local Apple store and did just that; and it was immediately clear that the 6 is the one for me. I have Dish Anywhere that lets me watch any of...
  15. bams50

    Steve Jobs life timeline

    Didn't search through to see if this was posted before, but it's kind of interesting- and revealing:
  16. bams50

    Moon icon?

    Suddenly I have a moon icon at the very top center of my display, in the black band. Don't recall seeing it before. What the heck is it?
  17. bams50

    iPhone 4S and Mophie- 2 questions

    Just got a Mophie Juice Pack Pro for my 4s, used, off eBay; no instructions. I fully charged both separately before I put them together. My two questions: 1. What's the best way to use: Run the phone battery down, then turn on the Mophie, or turn on the Mophie from the beginning and draw...
  18. bams50

    Latest opinion on MBP for my use?

    Hello all. I have never owned a Mac before, but absolutely love my iPhones. Always had great service from Apple. Now it's time for a new laptop, and I think I'm ready to tackle the transition from Windows. And, obviously, Macs are better quality. I've done tons of searches, here and...
  19. bams50

    Now I want the new Apple 5 too!

    I love my iPhone. Have had them since the first iteration. Look forward to advancements. Its capabilities have literally changed my life and businesss for the better in many ways. But I've never gotten the breathless anticipation of the new ones, spending hours of my life posting excitedly...
  20. bams50

    NFC in iP5?

    Didn't get to see the keynote and haven't followed closely enough: Did the 5 get NFC? I have been hoping for it for a long time. Would love to have it!