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  1. mdixon1988

    Pictures after ios 4.0 upgrade

    Has anyone noticed a problem with the pictures and wallpapers already on their phone now looking fuzzy after the 4.0 upgrade? What's up with this? Is it fixable? It's very annoying- all of my pictures in all albums are affected! Thanks
  2. mdixon1988

    iPhone switched to No Service and back to full bars?

    Was using my phone and all of a sudden it said NO SERVICE at the top- then " searching" so I switched to wifi- lasted about 5 minutes then the bars came back- never had this happen before- I have been in my bedroom the whole time- any ideas?
  3. mdixon1988

    new 3 G s

    Ok, just got my new 3Gs today, upgrading from the v1 from the original my question is what exactly do i have to do? Just plug it into iTunes and it will recognize it as a new phone and do everything or what? Not sure what all i need to do...also do i have to set up my email all over...
  4. mdixon1988

    Need help setting up 2wire modem with iPhone

    does anyone have a 2 wire modem that can tell me how to set up my wi fi on my iPhone? i have been on the phone with att and they have no freaking clue and Apple wouldn't help, said it was att issue and it wont work cause it says its locked but it recognizes it
  5. mdixon1988

    actual battery life

    sooooooo, is the battery life actually longer than that of the first iPhone? I am thinking of just keeping my first iPhone and just doing the iTunes upgrade instead of buying the whole new phone......i am torn:angry: what to do, what to do....if the battery life is a hell of a lot better i...
  6. mdixon1988 email

    OK, i already posted this earlier.... i have had iPhone since iday, i cant send any emails.....called Apple care, they said its an att/yahoo problem (thats who sbcglobal email is through) i don't get it, it has always worked up until like last week....any ideas? Anyone else use this email with...
  7. mdixon1988

    iTunes 7.41 available

    anyone know what this download is?
  8. mdixon1988

    question about email

    OK, i use sbcglobal, which is att, i have been trying to email a picture from my iPhone to my pc and it wont go! does anyone have any ideas?
  9. mdixon1988


    OK, so I go to the mall today, stop at the ATT kiosk, ask if they have any headsets for the iPhone(of course i have my iPhone in view on my hip), they say no, they have nothing for the iPhone, they look down and see mine and they're eyes light up! :laugh2: One guys says, can I see it? I say...
  10. mdixon1988

    I Am Officially Nuts

    I am paying my friends kid $20 and hour to stand in line for me until 4pm when I get off work! Am I crazy?
  11. mdixon1988

    What's the first thing you will do

    What's the first thing you will do with your new shiny iPhone! :laugh2: I will probably sit and look at it for a little while, stroke it, look at it some more...:smile::smile: