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  1. ClarkKent724

    Belt clip/holster/case

    I've been considering wearing my phone on my hip. This will be a first for me. I currently have a Speck Mightyshell case and love it, but I don't know if there would be a way to keep this case and just clip it to my belt? Anyway, I am open to all recommendations for a good holster/clipping...
  2. ClarkKent724

    Touchy Home Button Sensor?

    I imagine everyone by now is probably developing a favorite way to hold the new mini while using it, but I have discovered something about the way I hold it. When I pinch it with my thumbs and index fingers by the black bezel at the bottom, Siri keeps trying to turn on. It's annoying to say the...
  3. ClarkKent724

    iPad Mini Folio Cases

    So I've narrowed my search down to a folio case. I figure, why not have a forum where we can talk about them exclusively? For me, this is going to be the best bet since it will offer front and back protection while also keeping a thin one-hand-holdable device (hopefully). I don't want...
  4. ClarkKent724

    Apple Store at Green Hills in Nashville, TN

    Camping Plans I guess my only other option if I don't want to wait until late July or August for an iPhone 4 will be to camp. I couldn't get the pre-order or reservation system to work. So I'm definitely planning on hitting up the Green Hills Apple store here in Nashville. Will Apple stores...
  5. ClarkKent724

    Micro-SIM (setting up phone)

    I don't know anything about sim cards or setting up new phones with AT&T, but how will the process work with the iPhone 4? I bought the V1 the day it came out, came home, synced it, and was ready to go. Do all new phones ship with a sim card? Will I merely be able to sync it with my computer...
  6. ClarkKent724

    Too many iPhone HD leaks

    These Vietnam leaks are crazy. There seems to be something new everyday and it's ruining the surprise factor for me. I mean I like getting sneak peaks here and there and hearing the latest rumors, but something is definitely lacking in Apple's security. I like knowing just enough and then having...
  7. ClarkKent724

    Error -1426

    I apologize if this has been covered (I've tried searching) but does anybody know what this error means and why my music will not sync to my phone? Have a v1 running 2.0.
  8. ClarkKent724

    University Connection

    Maybe this has been addressed before, but I am not having any luck accessing my school's wifi connection on my iPhone. Everyone I know can do it on their laptops! In order to use the wireless connection you need to login - standard school id and password, but why wouldn't this work on the...
  9. ClarkKent724

    iPhone in Journey Man

    This show is going to be great! Right on after Heroes...and the best part - the dude uses an iPhone. I about crapped my pants when I saw him use it for the first time. Definitely cool! Check out Re-Runs on NBC's website.
  10. ClarkKent724

    Where glass meets the chrome

    Hey guys...I know there has been some discussion of pocket lint and "stuff" getting on the iPhone but has anyone else noticed a gap between where the glass meets the chrome? I don't know if it is the particular phone I have, or if it is maybe a manufacturing problem, but all sorts of fuzz and...
  11. ClarkKent724

    iLaunch in Nashville

    Green Hills mall had quite a line. I was number 254!