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  1. alamarco

    Is iPhone and iOS becoming stale?

    I think iOS becoming stale has to do with this new age changing in version numbering. While Apple hasn't gone out and pulled a Google (with Chrome) or Mozilla (with Firefox), iOS 6 doesn't feel like it should be a full number jump. The normal format is x.y.z where x is your base, y is a major...
  2. alamarco

    Settings Badge Icon

    No problem, the avatar I use is kind of misleading. :P I agree; it's these small things that you'd think should already exist that are annoying. Newsstand and Game Centre should at minimum be able to be moved into folders. Instead I have to toss them on the last page so they remain unseen.
  3. alamarco

    iOS6 on iPad 2

    I haven't had any freezing, but my battery has been a lot worse. The standby time is noticeably shorter and it's annoying. I only use my iPad 2 for quick lookups while on the couch and it lasted me quite a while. Not it seems I'm down to 20% every 2-3 days.
  4. alamarco

    Tip: Silent Camera (natively)

    I do this every time I want to use the camera. It's not that I want to be sneaky, I just hate the shutter noise. I mostly take photos of objects such as my 360 controller or food, so I don't want to bug people around me with annoying noises. I wish it was built-in to the settings. Would be so...
  5. alamarco

    Settings Badge Icon

    I do have my SHSH blobs stored as I was jailbroken before the iPhone 5 came out. It's just too much of a hassle to do all this for something that should be in the Notifications area. I'll only have the phone for a month, until my carrier sorts things out, so I'm avoiding doing all that work...
  6. alamarco

    Settings Badge Icon

    That's what I figured since Google turned up only jailbreak solutions, but figured I'd give it a shot anyway. Guess I'm out of luck then. No idea why Apple would do this, at least give us a way to disable it. Thanks. :)
  7. alamarco

    Settings Badge Icon

    Is there a way to remove the badge icon on the Settings app? I've tried a Google search, but I'm only finding methods that require a jailbreak. My device is stock and I'm on iOS 5. The reason I don't want to upgrade to iOS 6 is because of the WiFi bug and also compatibility. On my iPhone 4...
  8. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    As far as I understand, I think that blurb was referring to fetching mail and not push. Push works a little bit differently. Push uses Apple's service and everything goes through it that requires push. Since it's a system service it's not considered in use.
  9. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    As per the iPhone manual: "See the elapsed time since iPhone has been charged" from page 134. Also, I think this KB explains it better: "Amount of time iPhone has been powered on since its last full charge, including the time the...
  10. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    Note that Standby time is the time since full charge, not just the idle time. So in your example you were only idle 29m (2h 36m - 2h 7m).
  11. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    This is normal. The iPhone will turn off during standby to help save battery so when you turn the screen on you'll see LTE (or 3G, etc) instead of WiFi since it's not connected to WiFi yet.
  12. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    How's the battery with LTE turned on? My city just got LTE today and I noticed a significant drain immtediately when I turned on LTE. I thought I read that Apple said LTE would be the same in terms of battery, did I read wrong? A friend also noticed his battery a lot worse when he enabled LTE...
  13. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    Keep in mind with all these battery tests that there are some battery killing apps out there with the new iOS released. So far I've found TuneIn Pro to be a battery killer and without using this app my battery appears to function properly. I haven't found any other apps based on my usage, but...
  14. alamarco

    Siri update - am I missing something?

    To me it just smells of Apple holding back features so they can add them when they need to. No doubt this would be easily done, but they added enough features with the iPhone 5 to satisfy the masses. It's possible with the iPhone 5S (?) they will add this feature to Siri when they aren't...
  15. alamarco

    Siri starting Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

    Why wouldn't Siri be able to handle those things? First of all you could just make it basic. Some people would be satisfied with Siri just having the ability to turn them on or off. You do all the pairing in advance. So when you get in your car you tell Siri to turn on Bluetooth and you're set...
  16. alamarco

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    My ZAGG invisibleSHIELD finally shipped yesterday. Hopefully it'll arrive quickly as I'm anxious to start using it. The case I bought at my carrier, Rogers, is decent, but I prefer the invisibleSHIELD's.
  17. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    Thanks for the tip on the system services. My battery hasn't been as bad as some people, but it's been bad so hopefully that'll save me some juice.
  18. alamarco

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    After a day of usage at work, I'm left disappointed. Hopefully a couple charges will get the battery going better as it was absolutely terrible today. I thought it was good over the weekend, but was able to get the real story today. I stream podcasts over 3G all day at work. On my iPhone 4 I'd...
  19. alamarco

    Battery Life so far?

    My battery has been fine, especially compared to my iPhone 4. The amount I've used my iPhone 5 the past few days I would of needed to charge my iPhone 4 3-4 times. My iPhone 5 lasted all day under heavy usage and that's all I can ask for. As long as it holds up through a day I'm happy. :)
  20. alamarco

    So when does the Google Maps app become available in the App Store

    I finally tried out Maps earlier and laughed when I seen it. I went to my current location at my house and low and behold large portion of the map next to me was covered in clouds. Of course I reported this to Apple, and will continue to report any issues, but that doesn't excuse them. Apple...