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    3G battery not holding a charge?

    I have this old 3G which used to go dead after a very short time(about 5-10 minutes) So I ordered a new battery from eBay and a new back cover which had seen better days. I set about fitting the new battery into the back cover and transferring all the other components, carefuly screwing them...
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    How do I change default alert for Yahoo Messenger?

    Hi all, I have Yahoo Messenger in my iPhone 4 which works very well. The only thing is that when I leave it online and messages come in the alert tone is so loud that it makes everyone in the supermarket look around. Okay I know I can turn down the volume, but is there any way of changing the...
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    3G shows 'No service@ after jailbroken

    Hi Guys, Im new here so please bear with me. Im in UK and my iPhone 3G worked fine with O2 sim card, but I want to use it in Asia so needed to unlock it My 3G had version 4.1 on it so I found a website that claims to unlock any iPhone with any version, so I downloaded (and paid) for software...