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  1. iiPaDFooT

    showing all songs of a genre.

    i have like 120 dubstep songs. by like 30 different artists. only about 7 of them are on an album. the rest are mixes, singles, etc, no albums. how can i play all of my dubstep without creating a specific playlist for it? if i go into ipod/genre/dubstep/show all, it only shows whats on albums...
  2. iiPaDFooT

    Can I use my iPhone apps on iPad?

    are iPhone apps and ipad apps different? i'm considering buying an ipad 2, and was just trying to do a little research beforehand. for example, i just searched the app store for "IMDB" and what came up was "iPhone Apps/IMDb Movies & TV" and "iPad Apps/IMDb Movies & TV". i have the iPhone one...
  3. iiPaDFooT

    data usage options?

    I just got a new job, and there's no wifi here like at my last job. I listen to the Jason Ellis show on Siriusxm for 4 hours a day while at work. 2 days so far, it seems like I'm looking at roughly 250-300mb a day. mon-fri 4 hours a day I'm looking at about 3gb over my monthly allowance I'm...
  4. iiPaDFooT

    Answer + End Call buttons vs Slide to Answer

    How come sometimes when I get calls, I see two buttons, one answer and one ignore, but other calls, I just see a slide to answer? Is there any way to get the two buttons ALL the time? How am I supposed to ignore/quiet a call when there's just a slide to answer bar. I prefer the buttons.
  5. iiPaDFooT

    any chance AT&T updates their data plan, to compete with Verizon?

    I've been with ATT for about 5 months now and now that the Verizon iPhone is official I'm ALREADY considering switching back. I'm 16 days into my data plan and already at 1800mb usage out of my 2gb. Anyone think it's possible ATT brings back the unlimited data plan to compete with Verizon...
  6. iiPaDFooT

    AT&T rate plan question.

    I literally use about 3 minutes a month, sometimes less. Is it possible to switch to a pay-per-minute rate plan instead of having the 450 minute? Anyone know?
  7. iiPaDFooT

    Facebook emails notifications instead of push notifications?

    So today I had to deactivate my Facebook and then reactivate a few hours later. Ever since I reactivated, I haven't gotten one push notification. I'm getting all email notifications which I never used to get. I checked my iPhone settings and all the Facebook ones are set to on. Is there...
  8. iiPaDFooT

    Does anyone here run with their iPhone?

    i go running a few times a week, but i'm starting to get EXTREMELY bored just running. i wanted to start bringing my iPhone along to actually start listening to music while running. i was thinking about picking up an armband (won't keep it in my pocket incase it bounces out). i know the iPhone...
  9. iiPaDFooT

    auto podcast downloads on iPhone?

    Does anyone know if there's a way to get my iPhone to look for new podcast downloads for podcasts I'm subscribed to like iTunes does? I don't like syncing my phone with my computer everyday, only when I download new music. Other than that I just use the wall charger. But I'm subscribed to a few...
  10. iiPaDFooT

    Anyone have AT&TWireless + UVERSE/phone/internet?

    I had my ATT Wireless account for about 2 months now. A month ago I signed up for UVERSE/ATT Internet/Phone. I've noticed both bills are due on the exact same day (and no I'm not THAT good where I got the timing down perfectly on signup days). Both bills being the same date kinda leads me to...
  11. iiPaDFooT

    do Bluetooth headphones sound as good as wired headphones?

    I'm not talking about like $100 surround sound type wired headphones. I'm talking about like the ones that come with the iPhone. I'm content with the sound quality that comes out of those headphones. But I work on a machine at my job, and my headphones get caught entirely too much when I'm...
  12. iiPaDFooT

    anyone know what kinda bug this is?

    I just saw it on a rock near my house. it's huge. like close to 6 inches or so. is it just a giant grasshopper or what?
  13. iiPaDFooT

    Pre-ordering from Anyone done it?

    I watched Avatar for the first time today and LOVED it. I went on amazon to buy the blu-ray, and I saw they're taking pre-orders for the 3 disk special edition blu-ray, coming out next month. If I pre-order it, will they charge me now? Or on the release date?
  14. iiPaDFooT

    Re-purchasing an app?

    I had an app that was giving me problems (a paid app) so I wanted to try a reinstall to see if it would fix it. I was under the impression that you could reinstall an app you already paid for for free. But when I go into the App Store and click to download it, it says "Are you sure you want to...
  15. iiPaDFooT

    is there a twitter app with push notifications for mentions?

    I don't always open up the twitter app so sometimes it's days before I notice I have mentions. is there an app that push notifys of them? I noticed echofon had the option in Settings but it never seemed to actually notify me when I got a mention even though it was on. **Edit** Well nevermind...
  16. iiPaDFooT

    battery issues?

    I work nights, so I usually charge my phone til 6 in the morning (I've pretty much timed it where I know when to put it on charger so it's just hitting 100% around 6), take it off, go to sleep, then wake up around 2 to go to work at 5. Usually when I wake up around 2 I'm at roughly 94-96%...
  17. iiPaDFooT

    Completely random... ID card clip on a string?

    I have no idea what it would actually be called. :] But I need one. Right now I have an ID/access card for work, on a clip that attaches to my belt/jeans/whatever. I've seen them before... where there's the clip, and then a string that you pull out and when you let back go, it goes back in :P...
  18. iiPaDFooT

    bluff my call?

    i used to have an app called Bluff My Call on my Droid and Blackberry, i just searched the app store and didn't find anythin for the iPhone. is there a bluff my call type app for the iPhone? where i could call someone from someone elses number.
  19. iiPaDFooT

    best IM client?

    I need some suggestions. I'm doing a little research but a lot of the posts/threads googles linking me to are from like 2008/2009 so I don't know if anything's changed or not. I just got eBuddy and noticed it only keeps me logged in for up to 12 hours. I don't use AIM/Facebook Chat all that...
  20. iiPaDFooT

    Facebook chat question.

    So I'm trying to decide between eBuddy for AIM + Facebook Chat or just getting AIM Free and using the Facebook app for chat. I'm testing out facebook chat, logging into a different account on the computer and locking my phone. It doesn't look like I'm online when my phones locked, can I get...