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    iPad charging with iPhone charger.

    Just updated my new iPad (iPad 3) to iOS 6.0.1. Whilst updating I plugged it into the iPhone charger because in the past I've found that even though it says "not charging" it has always kept the charge. When the iPad restarted after the update it said it was charging. I thought it was a bug but...
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    Upgrade time

    Hello everyone, It that exciting time of the year when I'm due my upgrade. I have the iPhone 4 with a stupidly expensive contract. I don't want to change phones just yet (not until the iPhone xx) but I want to try and figure out what sort of contract I should go for? 1 month, 3 months or 1...
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    Importing video without iTunes

    Hey guys, I'm currently away with work and before I left I put a few videos onto my iPad 3. Now only half way through my trip I've watched everything and haven't got my iTunes here with me. Is there anyway I can plug my iPad into someone else's laptop and get some films off them? My iPad is...
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    Targus Versavu THZ156EU

    Hey people, I've had my new iPad now for nearly a month now and I am LOVING it. It's still naked at the moment and although it is stunning I am worried as I'm taking it with me on hols. What I'm looking for is an all round cover that turns for both landscape and portrait with the auto...
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    Status bar

    Morning from the sunny UK, I was just looking around to find out if I'm going to get booted off here for writing about jailbreaking but I can't see it anywhere so here goes. Since I jailbreaked my iPhone 4 with redsn0w I get a few more icons in the status bar, sometimes they push each other...
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    Ghost emailing

    Hey people, I'm getting this weird thing happening with my email at the moment. It's sending out emails in the middle of the night to people in my contact list. I'm using the email software that came with the phone and connecting it to hotmail. I've changed my hotmail password and it still is...
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    In Car Satnav with the iPhone

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can advise me on which iPhone holder is best for use with the TomTom App. I have read the the TomTom cradle boosts the GPS but does it really matter if i'm not in a built up area. Cheers Dan
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    Outlook 2010

    Hey guys, Just picked up my new laptop and got Outlook 2010 with it but i am struggling to get my contacts and calendar off my phone and onto my computer. has anyone done this and can tell me how to do it? Thanks Dan:ok:ok:ok:ok
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    Best iPhone 4 armband

    Hey people, I am looking at getting an gym armband for my iPhone and am struggling to find the right one. I don't want it flapping on my arm and it has to be water proof. Has anyone had any experience with any of the following armbands: Belkin fastfit armband for iPhone 4 -...
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    iPhone forgets WEP key

    Hey people, I have the iPhone 4 and I don't care the crap you read, it's an awesome phone. I do have a little gripe though, it keeps forgetting my WEP key. It's very annoying because it works for a while, over multiple days, then one day just asks for it again. I telly would like it fixing...
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    Uk Vodafone customer

    Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone has the app called 'my vodafone'? I was Looking for an app that will let me track my usage. I have downloaded the app but doesn't seem to want to work. Does anybody have this app or a similar app for the same job? Oh, I need data as well as calls and...