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  1. greeniis

    iPhone 3G - restored, and SIM removed, now what?

    I've been given a very nice iPhone 3G, which my friend restored before passing it on to me. He also removed his SIM. I don't want to jailbreak it. Can I take it to AT&T or an Apple Store to get a new sim, account, and set up service? Can I buy a SIM and then activate? Thanks for your help...
  2. greeniis

    So Excited!

    I am really anxious for the "announcement". Since the launch last year, I've wanted an iPhone, but my area wasn't covered by AT&T :angry:. I did a recent check, and it looks like we have some coverage now! Anyone been in central Wisconsin using their iPhone? Would love to hear how your coverage...
  3. greeniis

    Cingular questions?

    I am eagerly anticipating the iPhone release, but currently, Cingular is not a carrier in my little town. :frown: Cingular is available in a city about 100 or so miles from me. I use my Treo 650 on the Sprint network, and have good reception and data connection. Does anyone know if I could get...