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    How does iMessage affect data usage?

    I'm new to all this. Please be patient. When I send a text from my iPhone with the newest operating system and it goes to another iPhone with the new operating system, the text shows in blue as an iMessage. Are we using data from our data plans, if the two phones are connected to the internet...
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    Privacy Concerns

    Others in this large, complex household share a single computer (with the proper operating system for iCloud). Before I switch to the newest iPhone or change the operating system on my iPhone 4, I have privacy questions. Will my phone/text/photos remain private to me, even though everything is...
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    How To Clean Up For All Eternity?

    Here's what happens. Somebody sends an e-mail that I pick up on my iPhone. Let's say the e-mail name or address starts with "S." I respond. Now, and for all eternity, that name/address shows up in the list of S's when I originate an iPhone e-mail that starts with S. I can't figure out how to...
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    Earbud jack on the plane

    Can the earbuds that came with my 3GS be used to listen to the sound on in-flight movies?
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    Killing old e-mail addresses

    Gave my wife my 3G. Bought a 3GS. Everything flopped over nicely, EXCEPT when she puts in the first letter or two of a name for sending an e-mail, my old e-mail recipients show up as choices in addition to her own contacts. Seems like it's every name I ever sent to or received from. Let's put...
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    Maps Work In Europe?

    Can I walk around in European cities using the maps on my iPhone 3G for turn by turn directions?
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    Text Feature Failed To Upgrade

    After a few tries, my 3G seemed to upgrade successfuly. But I now notice that the Messages icon fails to have the SMS across it and I can't reply to texts I've received. Can I upgrade/update/repair just the text feature? Or should I start my 3.0 upgrade all over, and if so, how?