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  1. jo12jt1

    Is there a tweak to use motion sensor on iPhone 6 to wake/sleep?

    Hi folks.. Got the iPhone 6 plus and was wondering if there was a tweak that used your motion sensor and a case to sleep and wake the phone
  2. jo12jt1

    iPhone 4s colour keyboard

    i noticed that the colour keyboard is not compatible with ios7, is there another keyboard of the same style that i could install
  3. jo12jt1

    End all program's

    Is there a program that allows you to close all program's at the one time I no there is activator but it does not have that option on it Sent using iCafe app
  4. jo12jt1

    2 iPhones

    Right folks I need your help? I would think this would be easy to solve but for some reason I can't sort it. I gave my daughter my iPhone 4s and I got another one. For some reason I am getting all her text messages and all her friends messages , I set up another account with the app store with a...
  5. jo12jt1

    4s keyboard

    Is there any way that you can have a t9 keyboard, as in a phone keyboard set as standard as apposed to the standard iPhone keyboard ? Just wondering !
  6. jo12jt1

    App that allows songs for SMS tones

    what program do you use to play songs for sms. i use anyring. are there any other programs that allow you to play tones ?
  7. jo12jt1

    iPhone 4S Back Panel

    ive had the iPhone 4s for about 4 m onths now and have just noticed that if i tap the back of the phone at a cetain plae it sounds loose. not the whole back is loose just a small section. it seems to be just in from the corner. is this something to worry about or is this normal?
  8. jo12jt1

    Is there an app that will close all apps using sleep/wake button?

    Is there a program that allows me to press the on off button and allow it to close all program's
  9. jo12jt1

    How strong is the glass on iPhone 4S?

    Not that I really want to find out but how strong is the glass on the phone? I heard that it does not really take a fall !
  10. jo12jt1

    Links from email ?

    For some reason I can't open links from any email that I get ? I have had a look at the settings and can't see what I should change to enable it ? I have the iPhone 4s jail broken
  11. jo12jt1

    4.3.5 downgrade to 4.3.3

    Is it possible to go from 4.3.5 down to 4.3.3 without having the blogs saved but downloaded from the net ? And using tiny umbrella to do the job if you see what I mean !
  12. jo12jt1

    Possible to restore your iPhone 3s from iOS 5 to 4.3.3

    Is it possible to restore your iPhone 3s from ios 5 to 4.3.3 without being jail broken ! I no all about tiny umbrella and have the other iOS on my laptop. Can it be done or do I need to jailbreak it first and if so it begs the next question? Is there a jailbreak for 5 yet
  13. jo12jt1

    4.3.5 untethered jailbreak

    How long do you think till we have an untethered jailbreak for 4.3.5
  14. jo12jt1

    Update 4.3.3

    One of my friends has the iPhone 3G and has just updated it from 4.2.1 to 4.3.3. But it still says 4.2.1. I tried to jailbreak it for him but with no joy, till I looked at the version and saw that it was the old version4.2.1. I have tried everything! Total restore from the phone as well as from...
  15. jo12jt1

    Can I change the default SMS tones on iPhone?

    I have had a look and can't really find anything that changes the ringtone for SMS ? Is there a program that will allow me to change the tone without changing the Pre installed ones
  16. jo12jt1

    iPhone won't boot, only have restore option

    Ok, i had a crash and decided to wipe the phone. All data, bad idea. I cant boot the phone. I tried to re jailbreak the phone, went through the process and did the jailbreak but cant get it out of the jailbreak logo ( Apple with the attitude). I have it in dfu mode just now, but it wants me to...
  17. jo12jt1

    iTunes apps

    I have just looked at the apps that I have bought on iTunes and have noticed that over the period of my iTunes account a lit of apps I have not got on my phone any more? How can I go ahead and install these to my iPhone ? I can see them when I look at my account history but can't see them when I...
  18. jo12jt1

    Vibrate SMS or call

    Is there a program or app that I can download ( legally) that vibrates for the length of a call or text message ? I tried that irealsms but it does not allow you to stop the sound when you like ? You have to set the message length and can't turn it off toll it finishes ?
  19. jo12jt1

    Help? 3GS start screen

    I have a jailbroken 3gs and decided to do a full system formatt. To my horror i have now got the jailbroken logo on my front screen with nothing else. It will not boot up. when i go to iTunes it wants to restore but also wants to do the new update as well. Is there any other way that i can get...
  20. jo12jt1

    Green poison

    Can the 3G be jail-broken using the green poison software ?