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  1. alamarco

    Settings Badge Icon

    Is there a way to remove the badge icon on the Settings app? I've tried a Google search, but I'm only finding methods that require a jailbreak. My device is stock and I'm on iOS 5. The reason I don't want to upgrade to iOS 6 is because of the WiFi bug and also compatibility. On my iPhone 4...
  2. alamarco

    Invisible lockscreen background?

    Is there a theme (I assume this would be a theme and not a tweak) that lets you remove the background in the lockscreen? By background I am referring to the black gradient under the clock/slide to unlock buttons. I remember having one a while ago, but having just jailbroke 5.1.1 I can't seem to...
  3. alamarco

    Emoji Bug in iOS 5.1?

    Anyone else experiencing bugged emoji since iOS 5.1? Not sure if it's iPhone specific related, but I have an iPhone 4 and not a 4S. Anyways, if I click the button to change keyboard to the emoji keyboard a lot of the time, not all, the keyboard of emoji will be blank except for the ability to...
  4. alamarco

    MS Excel?

    Is there any free or cheap apps that can view/edit MS Excel files that are located on Dropbox? For my iPad I use CloudOn, but I have nothing for the iPhone. The reason I'm looking for free or cheap is I really only use it to manage my book list. I keep track of what I've read and what I own in...
  5. alamarco

    iPhone 4 Jailbreak Stable?

    I usually hold off on jailbreaking as not only do bugs occur during the initial release, but repositories get hammered and go offline making the process even more painful. I wanted to ask, is the jailbreak stable yet and how are the repositories? Plan on possibly jailbreaking this weekend if...
  6. alamarco

    iOS 5 App Icons Bug

    This bug is both funny and worrisome as I'm sure people don't like their icons being messed around with. I had just downloaded an app on my third page and proceeded to put it in a folder. The third page had nothing going on and everything seemed fine. You can imagine the horror when I switch to...
  7. alamarco

    App that shares photos between iPhone and PC?

    Is there an app which allows the sharing of photos between a PC and an iPhone/iPad? The only features I require are: - Access photos on my PC on my iPhone/iPad - Save photos to the Camera Roll (i.e. if I see a photo I like I can save it and use it) I've tried ImageBank, which is a decent app...
  8. alamarco

    iOS 5 Bug: Photos

    Occasional when I launch the Photos app I get stuck inside the Camera Roll. I can't remember if this happens with older folders, but it's happened more than once to the Camera Roll. What happens is if you go into the Camera Roll and try to click Albums to go back to the Albums menu, you get...
  9. alamarco

    OpenSSH Password

    OpenSSH allows you to log into your iPhone using the root account. What effect does changing the password have on your phone? Security will definitely be higher with a non-default password. However, what implications does this have on the iPhone itself? I assume the App Store uses the password...
  10. alamarco

    Signal Issue

    Is there anything I can do to fix my iPhone 3G signal? Just sitting in the same spot my signal is constantly going from full 3G to Edge, sometimes even hitting no signal. I know the bars and symbols aren't being incorrectly stated as when browsing pages will load at normal 3G speeds and then...
  11. alamarco

    Duck Hunt banished?

    Nintendo busts a cap in iPhone Duck Hunt So what happens to the people who bought the app? Do they get a refund? I assume that once you restore the phone and have to redownload the app, you wont be able to. Can Apple stop the app from functioning? Thanks :)
  12. alamarco

    Pwnage Tool for Windows?

    In order to preserve the iPhone baseband one needs to use Pwnage Tool. However, I don't own a Mac so I can't run Pwnage Tool. Is there an alternative for Windows users? I found WinPwn, but it hasn't been updated since September so I assume it doesn't work for the new firmware additions. Right...
  13. alamarco

    Winterboard Questions

    With Cydia, every time it was launched it would download new releases. It was really painful to go and look around for new applications as loading Cydia would take 10-30 seconds. Also cancelling was unresponsive and took just as long as if I would of let it download. Was this normal? Are there...
  14. alamarco

    List of WinterBoard themes?

    Does anyone know if a list of WinterBoard themes? I'm contemplating jailbreaking my iPhone and theming is a major reason. However without being able to view what's available, it's not making my decision easy. I tried searching everywhere, but I can't find a list of themes available.
  15. alamarco

    iPhone and Windows XP VPN Server

    Has anyone successfuly connected to a Windows XP VPN server? I followed this guide on how to setup a VPN server in Windows XP. When connecting from my laptop, I can connect successfuly. However when I try to connect using my iPhone, it fails to connect. I have these settings: PPTP -...
  16. alamarco

    Remembering playlists?

    My iPhone always seems to forget my playlist position. When I use it before it after class everything works fine, but the next day when I press play the iPhone will take me to the very first playlist on my iPhone, instead of the playlist I was at. It's very frustrating to continuously have to...
  17. alamarco

    Circuitry, the game?

    Hello Mac owners, I need your help! My buddy just got a new Macbook, and that reminded me of an old game I used to play on the classic Mac's. I plan to get a Macbook after Christmas since I gotta be spending money on other people right now, can't be binging on myself. The game is called...
  18. alamarco

    Black Friday, Free Applications

    Black Friday Applications A lot of applications free for today only. Get them while they're hot!