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    Will i lose all of my data if i sync to a new computer

    I want to sync my iPhone to my pc because i have way more music and videos on it, i don't care if i lose the music that is already on the phone i just don't want to lose the contacts. any help would be great thanks
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    Non Intel Based Mac Ringtone Installer

    Does anyone know if there are any non-intel based ringtone installers i happen to be working a on powerbook g4 i could use my vista pc at home but i don't really want to purchase software for ringtones
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    Video will not sync

    I just recently started putting music on my iPhone and i thought why not put a music video on there well i failed first off i had to get the newest version of quicktime to even play the video and every time i try to sync the video to my iPhone is says it didn't not copy it over because the iPhone...