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    White iPhone 4 officially on sale tomorrow

    What do you think the supply will be like tomorrow? Will I be able to stroll into my local AT&T store and just pick one up?
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    9.0.1 is out!

    edited: i thought mms was out nevermind false alarm
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    Should I upgrade to MMS now?

    I don't have a family text plan, so that's why mms didn't work for me, I just kept getting the red exclamation point. Now that it will be out tomorrow, would it work tomorrow automatically if I redo the process of downloading the ipcc file now? I'll be at work tomorrow most likely when it...
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    MMS is out right now

    do you have a family texting plan?
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    MMS is out right now

    what are your MMS settings?
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    Scared to tether my iPhone

    I was just thinking that it was going to be like for other phones that if you don't have the data plan, they will charge you per minute that you are on the internet. ATT doesn't currently support tethering, so I wasn't sure...
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    Scared to tether my iPhone

    A friend of mines found out a way to tether the iPhone from the internet and said that it really works. He gave me the files on my thumb drive and told me how to install it, I'm just worried that if I do it, there will be some very expensive charges on my next bill. Does anyone know anything...
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    Early upgrade?

    I read the article saying that AT&T was going to let the people who can upgrade in July or August purchase the phone now. Has anyone done this yet? when I go to, it still shows that I would have to pay full price and that I can't upgrade till 7/31. The article also says that the people...
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    I have the fix for anyone who thinks Safari 4 is too slow...

    Sometimes the DNS codes used to access web content, provided by an Internet Provider, are not as efficient after a Safari upgrade. Perhaps adding new codes will speed things up. To do so: To add the codes to your Network settings: Go to the Apple Menu>System Preferences. Select the...
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    Why should I have to wait a month to buy 3G S?

    I'm in the same boat. I can't get it till 7/31/09. I called AT&T to see if I can get a early upgrade, and of coarse they said NO!
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    GOOGLE maps with GPS help?

    Yeah it worked....I went outside and did it, and it came up just fine....thanks...
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    GOOGLE maps with GPS help?

    I understand that the blue ball is gps, but what i'm saying is that i can't get that blue ball come up every time. For instance, I'm at work now, and can't get it to come up. It just shows the cross hairs. Yet, I used gps to get here from my house. I just watch the blue ball move all the way...
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    GOOGLE maps with GPS help?

    How do you use the GPS with google maps. Whenever I search for my current location, it will just give me the cross hairs, but if search for a different location, then back to my current location, it will give me that flashing blue ball. How do I use gps outright, when i want to use it?
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    How do I activate my new iPhone 3G?

    yes, i was att before. I can still use my old iPhone to make calls.
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    How do I activate my new iPhone 3G?

    I just picked up my new iPhone, and restored it from the last backup I did from my old iPhone. The new iPhone 3g still says no service. How do I switch service to the 3g?
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    Idea for new app?

    I would love an AM radio app and whatever happened to that starbucks thing?
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    I hate you 2.0!

    The only problem I have with 2.0 is that every once in awhile it vibrates uncontrollably for no reason, oh yeah it sometimes lags.
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    The only thing I don't like about mobile

    So does mobile me do the samething? I'm not sure what you mean by resetting the sync in the advanced menu. I just got a mac like 2 weeks ago...sorry. I also haven't set up my time machine yet, but I guess I will this weekend. It says that in setup will have to format the drive, and I have a lot...
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    The only thing I don't like about mobile

    If someone were to delete a contact, or just delete the whole contact list while you're not home, then you would lose EVERYTHING on all calendars and the iPhone.
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    I'm very concerned about the battery life.

    my 1st gen iPhone is like that. By 5 or 6, I have barely have any battery left. If the 3g is like that then I'm alright with it because I am used to it, but if it is worse then I don't see myself getting it.