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    What happened to all the old v1 phones?

    You could walk into an AT&T store or an Apple store and buy a v1 iPhone just a few months ago, then when they announced the new 3g phone, all the sudden you can't even get a refurbished iPhone. Does anybody have a clue what happened to them all? Is it possible that they will begin selling them...
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    no more hacking....nothing but trouble

    This is just my opinion about my phone, I know a lot of you have had good experiences with hacking the iPhone, but mine froze the first time, then I lost absolutely everything. I did it a second time, had it set up great and really liked the new apps and the way the home screen looked. I did...
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    I'm an idiot, but can you help me anyways :)

    I modded my phone for the first time, using the install app, and put some cool stuff on it over the weekend. I decided to go with Ifuntastic after reading about it and the only thing I could figure out to do was to restore my phone to my saved settings and get rid of the install app and start...