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    Congrats on move to XenForo

    Hi Chris, I'd just like to congratulate you on the move to XenForo. From what I can see it is successful. I hope you're looking forward to XenForo 1.1 as I am :)
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    Modula therapy lamp, not just for the whole body.... Bluetooth-enabled Modula therapy lamp changes color via cellphone :p Now, for the pic... WTF is that thing I circled in orange? Yes I can see it's a hand, but still
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    8gb 3GS

    For others who are north of the border, Rogers now has a webpage for the 8GB iPhone 3GS. Canadians everywhere, rejoice! :)
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    The British Accent, this is just wrong.

    Wow. Coffee = Koffeh. Now, British Dialect? English derives from England, which is a germanic langauge, first use in today's England. She needs to revise her knowledge!
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    How to change password

    I signed up using the Facebook thing, and I'd like to be able to set up a password instead of having to login to facebook everytime I want to login to the forum. I can't seem to find the application settings so I'll ask here.
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    O2 3G Coverage

    Well, this says it all about our fantastic O2: Note: Ofcom measure by street not building but still...
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    What's your favourite old folk song?

    I'm hung on American Pie at the moment, since we sang it during a bivvy in the Lake District.
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    FOTA + Wireless sync

    I think the next generation of iPhone may actually be able to use FOTA (Firmware over the air) despite the large firmware file. Might be bad for those jailbreakers who want to upgrade OTA. And to add to this, maybe we'll see wireless syncing? What I'm hinting at is a possible further...