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  1. PhilipJohn

    Spinning Wheel By 3G symbol

    Well, I just got off the phone with Apple, the 1-800-MyiPhone number, and for some reason, although it wouldn't yesterday after doing one, after doing a hard reset today it stopped! So hopefully it stays that way! Thanks for your help!
  2. PhilipJohn

    Spinning Wheel By 3G symbol

    No, it's not jailbroken, It's a brand new iPhone 3G that I got yesterday.
  3. PhilipJohn

    Spinning Wheel By 3G symbol

    Well, what I mean is, when I hit the green icon that says phone, anytime I am in, favorite's, contact, keypad, recents,or voicemail, that spinning wheel is next to the signal bar. I'm not understanding why that spinning wheel is there. Does it do that on your phone? Thanks for your help!
  4. PhilipJohn

    Spinning Wheel By 3G symbol

    Yesterday I had to get my iPhone 3G replaced because the camera went bad, so now I think I have noticed something I never noticed before. When I hit the phone icon there is immediately a spinning wheel right next to the 3G icon. I don't remember ever noticing that before. Does anyone know what...
  5. PhilipJohn

    Back up Phone for weekends?

    Great! Glad to hear that! I'm going to keep this one then, it's a little Nokia 2610. and it's like stepping back to my very first cell phone in like 2000. It's awful, but at least they gave it to me at the stolen phone price, just 43 bucks.
  6. PhilipJohn

    Back up Phone for weekends?

    So it finally happened to me, this weekend my iPhone was stolen on the NYC Subway, so of course I went to the nearest ATT store and got the absolute cheapest phone until the new 3g comes out in 10 days. So here's my question, the manager said I could return this one when I get the new 3G, but my...
  7. PhilipJohn

    The physical digression of the iPhone

    I know someone mentioned it in another thread, but at the WWDC when Steve introduced the new iPhone he said, "Same gorgeous screen." So I don't think we have anything to worry about.
  8. PhilipJohn

    3G iPhone makes V1 Phone useless after purchase?

    So keeping you old iPhone to use a backup in case anything happened to your new phone isn't going to work? Say I accidentally drop my new one and it stops working, I can't put my sim card back in my old one?
  9. PhilipJohn

    Ground optical glass?

    I hope this doesn't sound like too stupid of a question, I checked the tech spech's on the Apple site and it didn't list this as one, I know the screen size is the same, but is the new 3G still going to have the optical glass on the front? That's one of my favorite things about the physical...
  10. PhilipJohn

    current docks and cords work?

    so I guess the out video cables I got for my tv will still work too?
  11. PhilipJohn

    current docks and cords work?

    Well, that's good, I'd hate to buy a new power cord for work and all.
  12. PhilipJohn

    current docks and cords work?

    I doubt anybody really knows, and they probably won't, but does anyone know if the current power cords and docks will work on the new one? Also I read that the new phone doesn't come with a dock!
  13. PhilipJohn

    Set handbrake for iPhone everytime

    Is there a way to set handbrake so every-time I use it it automatically does it in the iPhone setting? Half the time i forget and I wonder why it's taking so long! Thanks!
  14. PhilipJohn

    3G iPhone possibly more affordable than you thought!

    I was actually hoping for a bigger screen!
  15. PhilipJohn

    iCards, .Mac

    Well, I spoke to soon, I changed them all, and it still isn't doing it. Does it take some time for the synch to actually stick?
  16. PhilipJohn

    iCards, .Mac

    Wow! Thanks so much! After days pouring over the Apple site, I ask here and get a an answer in ten minutes! Thanks! So if I change my address' tonight on my comp, that synchs with my address on my iPhone right? Or I could use my iPhone and update the address now and when I synchs tonight it'll...
  17. PhilipJohn

    iCards, .Mac

    Hello all! I think I'm putting this in the right place. So this is my first mac, and the first computer I've ever purchased. So I'm really new, and I'm trying to understand just simple things right now. So I have the .mac and when I go to sign in my address book is correct, it matches my app on...
  18. PhilipJohn

    Switching from PC to Mac?

    I'm getting an iMac next month and I'm so stoked about it! 20 inch, 2.4 ghz, 2g ram, 500g hard drive. I'm 34 and my brother gave me his old dell earlier this year, and believe it or not that was my first computer. I got the iPhone, and now I'm hooked! I also recently got a really good casio...
  19. PhilipJohn

    Safari on PC ?

    Apple released safari with it's latest update. If the iPhone had copy and paste I'd post the link, go to your stock widget and hit the Y at the bottom and that will take you to the story.
  20. PhilipJohn

    iCafe Mobile: How to go back to normal version?

    I did read the post, all it said was the line about how to get to the main site. Knuckleheads would imply there were two of me, can't you read? It's just one person. This is why so many people stay away from sites like this. You try to help, but God help if you're wrong, you get belittled by the...