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  1. Kevin Barnes

    "Cydia is not yet prepared to accept money..."

    There are online methods to download apps through Cydia without jailbreak such as
  2. Kevin Barnes

    What is your idea of the ending of the Supernatural

    I'm a huge supernatural fan. Watched it like a hundred times now. And all of you should know by now its the final season is left to premiere. So how would you guys predict the end? Actually, in my case, I don't like the fact that it is gonna end. But anyhow I hope it will be a good end. Not a...
  3. Kevin Barnes

    Problem downloading updated software

    try to get the iOS image without using iTunes. But be careful when you download files on the internet. Because apple doesn't support iOS 10 activities anymore.
  4. Kevin Barnes

    Is it good choice to buy a iPhone 6?

    So my friend is going to buy an iPhone 6. But as we all know it is not the latest model. But it is friendly with the budget. I do have an iPhone X. But I don't know anything about the iPhone 6. Anyone out there can give me a review about how was the experience of using iPhone 6?
  5. Kevin Barnes

    Are there silicone covers for iPhone x?

    Are there silicone covers for iPhone x? If there anywhere could I find them and what will be the price range?
  6. Kevin Barnes

    No posts yet on the XR?

    Dude, Its not only this place is dead. I tried several other places also. But do not get any reactions. Why Why Why...
  7. Kevin Barnes

    Recommendations for buying an iPhone

    hello, I am looking for buying an iPhone which does not matter the memory, RAM or anything. It should be small to fit into an old lady hand. And have to to look glamourous and the last one. It should have a good selfie camera. This is for my aunt who is obsessed with buying an apple. I am also...
  8. Kevin Barnes

    How much it will cost to replace the earpiece speaker?

    My friend got this issue with this iPhone X. Now the earpiece speaker does not work. He is out of warranty and wants to repair it or replace it? Can anyone face this kind of issue? So can I know how much will it cost?
  9. Kevin Barnes

    Changing smartphone religions to Apple, choose iPhone SE or 6

    I am also an Android user who has recently changed the track and moved to the iPhone. But for some aspects I'm regretting the decision. Especially the restrictions and fewer features. I don't know man, even though I like the way it is sometimes I still couldn't use to it.
  10. Kevin Barnes

    Is this forum still active or what?

    Sorry for this question, but I really need to know. I recently joined this forum and the thing is I did not see much activeness in this forum. Whenever I post a thread I only getting less than 1 answers. So can anyone tell is it not live anymore?
  11. Kevin Barnes

    How to stop displaying my phone number when I make a video call?

    When I'm making a video call I do not want to display my number for the other party. Is it possible to block it?
  12. Kevin Barnes

    Can anybody tell me how to recover deleted notes without backup?

    the only methods that I know are below. 1. from the recently deleted folder 2. from iTunes backups 3. From iCloud backups 4. from third-party iOS data recovery software But you did not back up. so first 3 methods are useless. The last one is the only option. But you don't like to do that also...
  13. Kevin Barnes

    Any advise on iPhone battery like always being low?

    The battery is draining fast due to many reasons. First, you have to disable all the background apps. Then clear all the junk files and cache on phone memory. Then check the battery status again and manage the apps that you are using. customized devices have draining much power than the regular...
  14. Kevin Barnes

    Is there an app saves the battery life for non-jailbroken devices?

    I recently move to iOS. I was an android user. For rooted android devices, there is an app called Greenify which helps to save the battery. Is there some kind of app that does exactly the same but without jailbreaking for iOS?
  15. Kevin Barnes

    iPad does not function properly after Jailbreak

    lately, I've got a second-hand iPad pro and its like 3 years old. I jailbroke it soon after with unc0ver and now some functions do not function properly. The screen light out won't work for some time. If I turn off it and on the alarms are going insane. Sometimes images are not previewing and...
  16. Kevin Barnes

    Reputable Call Recording Apps

    The best solution I can think of TapeACall Pro. But is not free. However, you can try the free trial first before pay for it. You only have to tap the recording button whenever you need to record the incoming or the outgoing call. The quality of the audio is no doubt. It's really good and easy...
  17. Kevin Barnes

    Current favorite game on Apply store

    I am not more into mobile games. But I always want to be a wizard. This game is amazing. It's Harry Potter: Wizard Unite. You can select the house, want and stuff and you have to fight with mythical creatures. It's pretty interesting but it's not very long I have started to play it. Until now...