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  1. radmonkeyx

    removing invisible shield question

    i have the invisible shield on my 3g iPhone screen and it seems grainy. if i take it off, can i just spray it again and put it back on? i was hoping this might take some of the grainy look out. i cleaned the screen and it was spotless before i put it on. i followed the directions it came...
  2. radmonkeyx

    Movie not very loud

    My movies are not as loud as my music. I use handbrake with an imac and keep the settings as normal when i rip them. is there a setting i need to change to make them louder on my iPhone? Thanks for any help
  3. radmonkeyx

    Buying an iMac

    I have my iPhone set up on a dell currently with iTunes. i am going to be buying an imac in next week or so. will the iPhone automatically work with syncing? i plan on putting my music on the imac first then syncing my iPhone. is there anything i need to do?
  4. radmonkeyx

    Screen won't fully turn off

    I have my iPhone since saturday, love it. I just turned the screen off using the top button and it does not go off all the way. the only way i can explain it is like when you turn your TV off it gives that dark brown screen right before it goes all the way off. my iPhone is doing that but it...