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    iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

    I have had every version of iPhone. I now have an iPhone 4. Debating on getting a 4S, but now I hear that Apple is coming out with an iPhone 5 with an A6 processor. Do I wait or go ahead and buy the 4s?
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    iPhone 3GS shutting off all the time

    My 3gs is constantly shutting off. Its not just when I have a low battery. I have no idea what to do. Could it still be the battery and its just not holding a charge very long?
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    Charging cord (data cord)

    I have a 3gs and need to replace the charging cord. AT&T wants 30.00, but somebody at work said you can get them at Target for about 15.00. Any advice on this would be appreciated. thanks
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    Opening multiple applications

    How do I open multiple applications at the same time? Thanks
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    Placing calls rumor

    I preordered and upgraded my 3gs to the 4, and will have it next week. I heard from a friend of mine who has a 3GS that the new iPhone 4 is having phone problems, i.e. that you have to hold the phone a certain way for the antenna to work properly. He said he heard it on the news. I rely on the...
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    Browser speed on new 4g

    thanks everybody for their input.
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    Alternative options to Safari browser?

    I'm kinda new at this so maybe somebody can educate me. I thought the processor effects the browsing speed, which is what I'm looking for. I did not applications could affect it. And also, if that the case what app do you guys recommend. thanks
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    Browser speed on new 4g

    I was wondering if I could get a technical opinion. I have a 3GS and was wondering if the new 4G will have a significantly faster processing/browser speed. thank you
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    What you think about the new features

    "Yes I am excited about the video feed from phone call to phone call that should be great" Two downsides. 1) the other person has to have a 4 phone also 2) you have to be on a wifi network
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    AT&T upgrade eligibility has changed

    Im upgrading from a 3gs to a 4g. It will cost me 199.00, and i am grandfathered with my data plan. Call AT&T and talk to them.
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    Video recording application for iPhone

    I have the original iPhone and I am looking for an application that I can download that will allow me to record my own video's. Is there such a thing available? My iPhone is not jailbroken. thanks
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    2.1 update on old 8g iPhone-any improvments noticed?

    Has anybody noticed any improvements to the old 8g iPhone with the 2.1 update. I saw the postings on the 3G link, but seemed more comments were directed to 3g phones. thanks
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    WiFi not working

    I have never had a problem sitting at home and using WIFI. The other day it just didn't connect at all. All my setting are correct. I even chose the forget network option and entered the network again. I just wont connect. Help.
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    All my downloaded apps not working!

    Applications not working I had the same problem. What I did, using my iPhone was to redownload one of the applications (its free if you already downloaded it once). What happened was about 1/2 of my 10 applications started working again. The other five I redownloaded. Let me know if it works...
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    Any Radio for iPhone?

    radio I downloaded an application from the app store on my iPhone desktop, the application is called AOL radio. It has a couple of my favorite stations, including KOOL FM.
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    need help connecting to wi fi

    wi fi connection problems Do you have a router hooked up via earthernet cable directley to your computer in your home. Typically if you have high speed internet for example? That 27 digit WEP key with letters and numbers is not the password.
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    Applications not working help

    Fixed my problem This is what I came up with: 1) I did a complete backup and restore. 2) I redownloaded the applications using the App Store icon on my iPhone desktop. I doesn't cost you anything to redownload them. I have about 13 applications I downloaded two weeks ago. When I...
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    Applications not working help

    I have downloaded about 5 or 6 of the new applications about 2 weeks ago. I had no problem using them. Now today when I tap on the icon I get a black screen and it goes back to the desktop. They don't open up. Any suggestions please. I did the 2.0 upgrade several week ago. thanks
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    iPhones in vehicles.

    This is in reference to a posting where somebody wanted the text message to be read out loud, and you could do an audio reply that would turn in to text. Do you have any idea where I can find that application. Thank you Hondamaker.
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    Custom Ringtone Not Showing Up

    I have created several custom ringtones in the past from my iTunes library with no problems. The other day I purchased two custom ringtones using my song list in the iTunes library. They are not showing up anywhere in iTunes, so I cant download to my phone. Any suggestions? thanks,