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  1. PhilipJohn

    Spinning Wheel By 3G symbol

    Yesterday I had to get my iPhone 3G replaced because the camera went bad, so now I think I have noticed something I never noticed before. When I hit the phone icon there is immediately a spinning wheel right next to the 3G icon. I don't remember ever noticing that before. Does anyone know what...
  2. PhilipJohn

    Back up Phone for weekends?

    So it finally happened to me, this weekend my iPhone was stolen on the NYC Subway, so of course I went to the nearest ATT store and got the absolute cheapest phone until the new 3g comes out in 10 days. So here's my question, the manager said I could return this one when I get the new 3G, but my...
  3. PhilipJohn

    Ground optical glass?

    I hope this doesn't sound like too stupid of a question, I checked the tech spech's on the Apple site and it didn't list this as one, I know the screen size is the same, but is the new 3G still going to have the optical glass on the front? That's one of my favorite things about the physical...
  4. PhilipJohn

    current docks and cords work?

    I doubt anybody really knows, and they probably won't, but does anyone know if the current power cords and docks will work on the new one? Also I read that the new phone doesn't come with a dock!
  5. PhilipJohn

    Set handbrake for iPhone everytime

    Is there a way to set handbrake so every-time I use it it automatically does it in the iPhone setting? Half the time i forget and I wonder why it's taking so long! Thanks!
  6. PhilipJohn

    iCards, .Mac

    Hello all! I think I'm putting this in the right place. So this is my first mac, and the first computer I've ever purchased. So I'm really new, and I'm trying to understand just simple things right now. So I have the .mac and when I go to sign in my address book is correct, it matches my app on...
  7. PhilipJohn

    Crystal Clear YouTube on Edge?

    So I'm at work and just pulled up a YouTube video on my phone, and it was crystal clear! And I'm on Edge, so is it possible the update had something to do with that as well? I hardly ever pull anything up on it unless I am on wifi, but I was shocked. Anyone else notice this or know why?:laugh2:
  8. PhilipJohn

    Different from the commercial's

    So I understand that advertising has to make things appear better then they are, but it really irritates me every time I see the iPhone commericals, and when they switch between web pages, they are all pre-loaded. I wish it really did that, that would cut back on so much time waiting between...
  9. PhilipJohn

    Saving Podcast to cd?

    So one of my favorite artist did a series of interviews that were released as podcasts, so obviously I want to keep them to add to my collection. I can't figure out how to put them on cd. Is it possible? IF I do a backup, will it become part of my backup? I really want to keep this somehow, and...
  10. PhilipJohn

    Any ex-Sidekickers here?

    Good morning all! So, I remember back in 2004 when I first saw the t-mobile sidekick, I thought it was the most amazing phone I had ever seen, and of course I became a die hard Sidekicker, up until the sidekick 3. When all the hype of the iPhone was happening last year before it came out I kept...
  11. PhilipJohn

    New Google iPhone page

    So I like the new google page for the iPhone, except that when you hit the back button it goes back to the main screen, it does this both in mail, and in any other sub menu in it. So after using it a bit, I'll stick with the one in safari. Anyone else notice this?
  12. PhilipJohn

    Putting home movies on iPhone

    So I just spent so time with my family, and they put some quicktime movies on a cd for me, so when I got home and put them on my desktop, iTunes won't let me drag and drop it. I'm really new to computers, I have a pc with windows xp. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  13. PhilipJohn

    Line out on White Dock

    I guess I hadn't really noticed it before, but on the back of the white dock that came with the iPhone is a "line out". Does anyone know what that is for? Thanks?
  14. PhilipJohn

    Pictures always get out of order

    So when I transfer my pictures to my pc, they always get out of order, does this happen to anyone else? It's really annoying. I have to transfer my pics over in small groups because of it. Any suggestions that may help? Thanks!
  15. PhilipJohn

    Video out and YouTube

    Does anyone know if you get the video out cradle from Apple, when your using the YouTube app, will that show on your T.V also, or just the video portion of the iPod? Thanks!
  16. PhilipJohn

    Who uses a case?

    I was just wondering if most people used a case or not to protect their iPhone. I use one, but I feel it "hides" the sleek look of the iPhone, and I'm considering "going naked" so I can enjoy how great it looks. Of course then I worry about dropping it. What do you do?
  17. PhilipJohn

    Using backup disc's for iTunes

    Ok, so hopefully I can explain this in the right way, since I'm so new to iTunes and all, so my question is this, I have a limited amount of space on my current laptop, and one of things I don't like about iTunes is that I can't put videos I buy onto a dvd, and I don't have the space to keep...
  18. PhilipJohn

    Copying cd's from iTunes

    So if you purchase a cd on iTunes through your computer or through the iTunes WiFi store on the phone, how many times are you able to burn it to a disc? Is there a limit?
  19. PhilipJohn

    Operational Temp

    So I was reading the specs page at Apple and it said the operational temp for the iPhone is 32 degrees, this may sound stupid, but does that mean when it gets really cold here in New York it won't work outside or could get damaged?
  20. PhilipJohn

    Apple says I sent back an empty box

    I received my Apple care loaner last week, sent mine back on Thursday, and Apple calls me this morning and says I sent them an empty box. I took my iPhone, the one I was sending in to FedEX, got a receipt and now this. Does anyone know what this process is. I absolutely cant pay one more penny...