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    Any pre-paid users update? Did it activate fine afterwards?

    Im waiting to update until I hear this. Previously if you tried to activate a different iPhone you would get a message that said "this account cannot be used with the iPhone." I tried going from a 4gb to an 8gb and I couldnt get the 8gb activated. (well I did with independence but thats a...
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    Buy an iPhone but not using the phone part

    Are you a Mac user by chance? If so use independence. It will activate it for you. As far a what to use if you are a Windows user, cant help you there. Im sure there is something.
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    Am i the only one that does this?

    I actually hardly even use an iPod anymore. Only when Im running or mowing the yard. This is why I got the 4gb. Space was a non-issue for me as I have a 30gb video that is only 1/2 full and a 2gb nano 1/2 full. I never did understand the need to carry EVERY SINGLE SONG you have with you at all...
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    Please Help with Yahoo Mail...not getting it now...

    The yahoo push is really off and on. Will work great for a while, then just totally quit. There are ALOT of us out there with this problem.
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    Battery died and iPhone bricked

    I wouldn't get too worried yet...if its only been a half hour. I just had an 8gb delivered yesterday and it was D.E.A.D...dead. Had to charge it at least 45min before it would power on. Id say after 45min to an hour, you might start to worry.
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    Wall Charger issue

    There must have been a meteor pass over the earth last night that killed all wall chargers. My charger, which had worked just fine for about 2 weeks, stopped working last night. And to make this even more unreal, I just got a new 8gb iPhone yesterday (had a 4gb before), took the brick out of the...
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    iPhone upgrade hell...can anyone help?

    oy, I don't like the sound of this. Id planned on doing the exact same thing. Got a 4gb less than 2 weeks ago. When the 8gb dropped to 349 (refurb) I ordered one and planned to send the 4gb back. Id assumed I could just take my sim from the 4gb and put it in the 8gb and there woold be no...
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    The day I almost got rid of my iPhone

    Only part of your post I have to disagree with. Blackberrys are VERY durable. Ive dropped mine I don't know how many times from heights that would surely kill any iPhone.
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    saran rap

    Lets see yours first.
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    $150 back? Hows that? I only got $100.
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    edit - this applys to online purchase They are offereing price adjustments within 14 days of purchase. Was told typically its a 10 days window, but with this they are extending it 14 days. Even on refurbs. He initially said the price adjust policy doesn't apply to refurbs, but he then said...
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    well I was able to get through and order an 8gb refurb for LESS than I paid for my 4gb refurb 10 days ago. Since all the 4gb refurbs were gone by the time the store loaded for me, I missed the $299 ones. Calling now too see if either 1) they will refund me a $100 difference on my original 4gb...
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Exactly what Im doing. Im curious to see what the refurb 4gb are going to go for after the store is back up? I don't necessarily want or need an 8gb, but if its the same price as I paid for my 4gb why not? And if the 4gb is like 299 or less, Ill return the one I have and order another one...
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    *Calling for am RMA # right now*
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    You spoke too soon. It is. :gasp:
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    IF thats true Im so returning this 4gb one I just got 10days ago. Yes, Ill take a $40 hit on the restocking fee, but thats fine.
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    Whats not to like? Its $100 cheaper, carries the same warranty as a new one, and it looks cosmetically new. And think about it, how many people have bought brand new iPhones and had to return them for various/random defects? So buying new isn't guaranteeing its better in any way. I would...
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    Refurbished iPhone

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    Refurbished iPhone

    They look brand new. The exterior casing is replaced if need be. Ive bought close to 10 Apple refurb products in my life and ALL of them were indistinguishable from brand new.