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  1. kerriberri

    iPhone 7 plus loading screen...

    What is wrong with my phone? I deleted 2 apps (Facebook & Instagram)then turned it off before reinstalling them...I wanted to clear the data they use. My phone would not turn back on and I got this screen. It then came back on for a mi use then back to this and it's been like this for at least...
  2. kerriberri

    How protective are the Apple Silicone cases?

    I'm considering getting an Apple silicone case for my 7+ but the open bottom worries me slightly. I rarely drop my phone so that's not really a huge issue but it still concerns me. Talk me out of my worries.....the cases are so pretty!
  3. kerriberri

    How many GB do you actually get with a 32gb iPhone?

    I ordered a 32gb this time around because out of the 64gb I have now I've inky used 13gb and that's after a year of use. So what kind of actually go can I expect with a 32?
  4. kerriberri

    Phone won't connect to Bluetooth in my car since update...

    I updated to iOS 10 on my 6+ two days ago and everything was fine until tonight when my phone would no longer connect to the Bluetooth in my car. I've done everything short of a full restore on my phone and everything possible in my car and it still won't even find my phone. Any ideas? Time to...
  5. kerriberri

    Is IOS 9 running slow for anyone else on iPhone 6+?

    I update my 6+ to IOS 9 the day it came out and then updated to 9.0.1 when it came out. Now my phone seems to be a little laggy and I've done a hard reset but it occasionally still lags. Any ideas what I could do. Little backstory: I switched to a 6+ from a 6 in August and just did a restore...
  6. kerriberri

    Opinions the 42mm too big on me?

    I'm on the fence with the size, not sure if it looks too big and if I should go with the 38mm.
  7. kerriberri

    What color watch face do you find the most universal?

    As far as the color of the face..silver, gold, rose gold. I'm getting an Apple Watch tonight and although I think I'm pretty sure I'm getting the 42mm aluminum I'm not sure which color face to choose. I can always change the band out so that's not a big deal color wise. I'm torn between the...
  8. kerriberri

    Will 6s cases fit a 6? Same size?

    I'm seeing all new cases coming out for the 6s+ and was wondering if they'll still fit an original 6+? I read that the dimensions are slightly different but is it a big enough difference to affect cases? I'm seeing a lot of new cases out there that I would love to try. Thanks!
  9. kerriberri

    Righty or lefty? And how do you hold/use your phone?

    I'm curious to see how left/right handed users use their phone. I ask because even though I am right handed I use my left hand to hold and use my phone when I do use it one handed, it feels awkward to hold it in my right hand. The majority of he time I do use both hands, mostly to text. How do...
  10. kerriberri

    iCloud Photo Library (beta)

    I just noticed this, don't remember seeing iCloud Photo Library before. Is it safe to turn on or still too new? Sent using iCafe app
  11. kerriberri

    iCloud keeps asking me to sign in...why?

    Why is it doing this and how do I fix it? It just started about an hour ago. It's doing it on my phone and iPad Sent using iCafe app
  12. kerriberri

    Any news on when Apple might be announcing the next iPad?

    I'm looking to trade my current iPad in for a newer model, possibly a IPad mini but didn't want to jump yet until the news ones were released. Sent using iCafe app
  13. kerriberri

    iMessage still showing unread badge even after being read...

    Not sure if this is an iOS 8 or iphone 6 issue, but thought I'd ask here first. When I receive a text through iMessage on my iPhone 6 sometimes the unread badge count still shows even after reading the text and replying. I have to go back to the conversation as if I'm reading for the first...
  14. kerriberri

    How does the "recently added" folder work in iOS 8 Photos app

    I want to make sure I'm understanding this in the recently added folder only stay around for 30 days from the time they're added and then they disappear from that particular photo but still remain under "collections/years"? Is this right or have I completely lost my...
  15. kerriberri

    Anyone with 2 Apple devices not use Photo Stream?

    I have an iPad and an iPhone 6 but I don't want every picture I take with my phone to end up on my iPad so I keep photo stream turned off. If I want a pic on my iPad I usually just airdrop it. Does anyone else keep this turned off? Are there advantages/disadvantages to keeping it off/on? Sent...
  16. kerriberri

    How does iCloud Drive work?

    I'm a little confused by this. How does it work? Is it an app because I don't see it after the update? Apples website isn't much help. I remember it asking me to enable it after the update but after that I'm lost. Thanks :-) Sent using iCafe app
  17. kerriberri

    Wi-Fi help on iPhone 4

    I just recently upgraded to iPhone 4 from a 3GS and I love it. I am connected to my home wifi most of the time and watch the occasional youtube video while connected to wifi. However I just recently downgraded my home internet connection to a slower speed and now some of my youtube videos won't...
  18. kerriberri

    Case that doesn't interefere with the flash?

    Right now I have a Speck Candyshell and I love it, but it somewhat interferes with the flash on the camera. What else would you recommend that has the same protection level of the Candyshell but works better with the flash? Thanks
  19. kerriberri

    Upgrading to iPhone?

    So next month I'm upgrading to iPhone 4. How does that work with iTunes, does it automatically recognize it or do I have to do something special? Will I have to re-enter all info from the apps on my 3GS, like passwords in my password keeper app? Sorry if these are silly questions, lol
  20. kerriberri

    Jailbreaking 3GS?

    I have iPhone 3gs running 4.1, should I jailbreak and what are the benefits? Thanks