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  1. up10ad

    iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    AT&T orders don't give a tracking number, and the order number trick with UPS says no info available yet. It does say 'in progress' with delivery on Friday. So excited, getting a Max 256. I've updated to every phone since the first on launch day!
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    Napoleon's Toilet Pic Thread

  3. up10ad

    Moving pictures from iPhone to PC.

    The picture you attached is just Windows Explorer showing how your photos are stored on your iPhone. I you want to actually copy them to your Windows computer you can use the Windows Photos app on your computer to do so. Here is an article on how to do it. Import to your PC You can import...
  4. up10ad

    I cut the cord

    I've been using Comcast/Xfinity for TV and Internet for several years now. Just the Double Play. Recently the cost went up a little and the Internet upload speed deteriorated significantly down to only 5.5M which won't handle any of my cloud sync needs. My TV channel lineup was paltry. So, made...
  5. up10ad

    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    A little more info would help, like what specifically isn't working, etc.
  6. up10ad

    Anyone familiar with pay pal?

    If the seller doesn't have a CONFIRMED shipping address with PayPal, DON'T SHIP. Cancel the sale. ALWAYS specify that payment must be made from a PayPal account with a CONFIRMED address. You can check it on your PayPal account. Do a reversal of his payment from within PayPal, do not send...
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    Random pausing of music?

    Hmmm. Does it only happen when ou are driving or anytime?
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    iPhone X Photos Thread

  9. up10ad

    App that can make "special" text

    Uh Oh, I hope things resolved well. Keep an eye on that, my bout with it resulted in peritonitis, 3 surgeries over 7 months and loss of 18" of intestine. No residual problems except for my badass abdominal scar. :cool:
  10. up10ad

    Talk about impatient

    Mine was delivered by FedEx without a signature! They just left it on the step! I got a delivery notice on my phone and had a neighbor secure it for me, From AT&T. Same story with my Series 3 Watch.
  11. up10ad

    iPhone X picture thread

    I helped a friend and managed the food concessions at Field Station: Dinosaurs, a theme park in NJ, for about 8 weeks. It's not AR, the park has 32 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs! I used the front cam in portrait mode.
  12. up10ad

    iPhone X picture thread

    Just FYI, I'm the one on the left.
  13. up10ad

    Apple Care vs Square Trade bs AT&T mobile insurance

    I've always used AT&T Protection at $9/mo. The cost vs deductible for a screen repair is better than Apple's and it runs month-to-month rather than being a 2 year plan.
  14. up10ad

    iPhone X first impressions

    Loving mine. Launch day delivery, AT&T. The settings transfer using the 'pixie dust' that the watch uses was great. Notch isn't an issue. I do miss having the battery % on the statusbar,; Have no idea why they would remove that option. A quick swipe for Control Center lets me see it though.
  15. up10ad

    So you ordered an are you going to carry her?

    I too was swayed by Mindi to get one and have used my Apple saddle brown on my 7 Plus for the entire year. It is thoroughly aged, blemished and beautiful. I'm changing it up this year but not sure just how, so for now I have a Caseology [Skyfall Series] Case for iPhone X - Slim Design Clear...
  16. up10ad

    X preorder thread

    I did my order with AT&T on my PC and my girlfriend did hers behind me on her Mac with Verizon. She had her 256GB Space Grey confirmed for 11/3 delivery by 3:04am. I was on a queue screen with AT&T doing an 18 minute countdown from 3:01 until 3:21 when they finally let me in to order. Within a...
  17. up10ad

    Show us your Apple Watch

    My Series 0 still lasts all day easily. I'd love a Series 3/LTE but I just can't justify the cost. Like Kev, maybe next year I will update.
  18. up10ad

    Help selecting a iPhone SE mount for use in 2013 Honda Fit LX

    For my last three cars (SL500, Honda Fit, Mazda3) I have used the same Magnet/suction cup. I mount it near the top of the windshield to the left of the rear view mirror. It doesn't block vision any more than the mirror and is easy to glance at when needed. I actually have an iPhone 5 that I use...
  19. up10ad

    Bought iPad on eBay that is iCloud locked, need help

    How are good people getting screwed? Please let me know how that happens. Don't buy stolen items that are locked. Anyone with a legitimate ownership of a device can get it unlocked. Only thieves and deadbeats are getting screwed. And its not about helping the original owner, its about reducing...
  20. up10ad

    Bought iPad on eBay that is iCloud locked, need help

    So, you hate how Apple is not allowing stolen items to be resold on eBay? Any legitimate sale of any Apple product can be unlocked by the seller before the sale. I support Apple's efforts. Major cities have reported dramatic reductions in iPhone thefts since Apple introduced Activation Lock; 25%...