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    How do I jailbreak my iPhone 4s?

    Hi All I need to jail break my iPhone which i have recently bought on contracts, currently its on tmobile. I have yet to setup the iPhone but i need to know how to do i jail break the iPhone?
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    Headphone mode

    Hi All how can i turn off headphones mode on my iPhone 4s? currently i can only take calls using loud speaker or headphones
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    Transferring text messages

    How can I transfer one text messages from one iPhone to another iPhone? Sent using iCafe app
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    Has the latest firmware been jailbroken?

    Hi All has the latest firmware been jailbroken yet?
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    Transferring Data from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4S?

    How can I transfer details from 3GS which is jail broken to a iPhone 4s which is not jail broken? Thanks
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    Music Download

    Hi All I wanted to know is there any websites I can download music directly to my iPhone instead of buying music albums from iTunes? thanks
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    Menu Shrinked

    Hi for some strange reason the icons of my apps have shrinked, i want to change the size of the apps on the menu to what it should be can anyone help?
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    SafarI Issues

    Hi, when i use safari to go on youtube, it says i need to check the plugin setting for safari, where do i find the plugin settings for safari?
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    YouTube Problems

    Hi All Im trying to go on youtube and it says cannot to you tube? Is there any solutions to this?