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    buying a used iPod touch

    a friend of mine is selling a very used ipod touch.I want to buy it for my nephew.My question is, How do I change the personal info in iTunes. (When you plug it into iTunes,it comes up as "Joe Blow's ipod") .Can I just re-name the ipod ? or is there something else I would need to do ? I would...
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    installer question

    I am unable to Un-install some of the apps that I want to get rid of.I keep getting an Error message that says "main script execution failed". What does this mean and how do I fix it ? 1.1.4
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    Deleting songs from your iPhone iPod

    How do you delete a song from your iPhone iPod ? & Can you edit the titles after they are already on the ipod ?
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    iPhone keeps locking up

    this has happened to me several times in the last week or so...the phone will just lock up completely,I can not shut the phone off or do anything just freezes up.Is this a common problem ? or is something wrong with my phone ?