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  1. hyphy25

    Help Jailbreaking 3GS on a Mac

    stil not working u think i should restore it and install again
  2. hyphy25

    Help Jailbreaking 3GS on a Mac

    thanks!....yeah i acutally just did that but now cydia wont download from freeze :/
  3. hyphy25

    Help Jailbreaking 3GS on a Mac

    HELP please! i have redsn0w and ive been downloading the "firmware" for it but im not see that icon your supposed to see (kinda looks like a lego). anyway if someone can help that would be awesome! thanks!
  4. hyphy25

    Request original icons

    how to how do u install the different themes and carrier logos etc.?
  5. hyphy25

    My phone is going crazy!

    i was talking to my friend earlier this evening around 915 then it froze at 922 (i kno because its still frozen at that time) now its been vibrating for 3 hours! i don't know what to do...probably let the battery run out or something.
  6. hyphy25

    Sidekick 3 or iPhone?

    i have a sidekick 3 and the device isn't bad...but the service is horrible i had that service for about 3 months, it was the worst 3 months ive had tmobile is the worst....your better off with the iPhone
  7. hyphy25

    iPhone picture messaging

    ive been getting some picture messages and its directing me to but theres no place to login or anything anyone else have this expierence yet if so let me know what you did thanks.
  8. hyphy25

    iPhone video play to the television

    im trying to figure out a way to play the videos off my iPhone to the televison, the ipod video has a jack that hooks into the tv and plays seemlessly but i tried it with the iPhone and no dice anyone have ideas?