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    unlocking iPhone 2g?

    hi everyone, my friend gave me his old iPhone 2g and I wanted to get it unlock. so far I downloaded below. I started winpwn 2.5 and started with the installation. Why is it asking for me to start iTunes and choose to activate my iPhone? (choose rate plan and pick data plan). What am I doing...
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    What's everyone using

    Just jailbreak my iPhone to 1.1.2. So many apps to choose from, I really want to change the AT&T name next to the signal to my custome ones. how do you do that? p.s. Whats the most must have apps for your phone? thanks.
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    Adding second line with iPhone plan

    My lil brother wants a phone and I was thinking about adding a second line. Right now I have iPhone plan for myself and theres no way in hell I can afford another iPhone. So, can I just get him a regular phone and be charge 9.99 as a addon. Does that how it works.
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    How do I start to Mod

    Hi everyone, I bought my iPhone couple of days ago and updated to the latest firmware 1.1.2. Now i'm ready to make the leap and to install more stuff to my iPhone. My phone is currently lock with At&t, so what applications do I need to get started? I want to install different apps.
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    iPhone battery life with Bluetooth connected all times

    how much battery life can you get out of bluetooth with iPhone or vice versa connected?
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    What else do I need to spice up my new iPhone

    So I just purchased a new iPhone yesterday and i've playing around with it. So far, so good. Now, I wanted to do something more, but i don't want to install 3rd app or hack into it. I just want to leave as orginal as I can. My firmware 1.1.1. What software do you guys use to convert movies to...
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    H681 vs Jawbone Bluetooth

    So, I just bought a iPhone and now i'm looking to buy a bluetooth, which one would you go with? What do you like and dislike about it? thanks
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    Version 2

    So, I was in AT&T getting ready to buy iPhone, when sale associates came up and asked me if I needed help. I told him, I wanted to get iPhone. He said, "We have plenty of those in the back, You know the version 2 is coming out next month right?" I told no, Apple didn't announce yet it have they...