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  1. IceCold357

    Just Dropped my iPhone 4S!

    Everything still works fine but the screen is cracked. I have no Apple Care and I have had the phone over 30 days. Am I screwed and have to pay full price for a new one? Thoughts and sympathy please. I am deeply hurt. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  2. IceCold357

    Can I Jailbreak A Windows synced iPhone On A Mac?

    Basically I sold my wife's iPhone 4S (Verizon) to a friend and they have it activated now. They would like me to Jailbreak it for them but it's synched to his windows computer at his house. He lives far out and will be in my area this afternoon. Can I Jailbreak his phone on my Mac and it be good...
  3. IceCold357

    Purchase Untethered JailBreak for iPhone 4S Legit?

    Had anyone ever heard of this? Not sure if I should post here with the link so mods if not please delete. I don't think I should have to pay $20 for a JailBreak but if this is legit I may jump on it. Any advice on this or should I just wait? Edit: Sorry, title should be "Untethered"
  4. IceCold357

    Made to purchase accessories with new iPhone 4S

    I was finally able to pick up my iPhone 4S today from the local AT&T store but I had to also purchase a "free" case and car charger. The sales rep told me that with my upgrade the total cost would be $250 before taxes instead of the $199 because they included a case and car charger. At this...
  5. IceCold357

    Lost All Contacts

    I am trying to help a friend at work. He has lost all his contacts when he synched and now cannot find them. He cannot remember his past gmail name so we can't get it from gmail. He is on a PC. Is there anything we can do? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  6. IceCold357

    Random ReBoot (iOS 5)

    My wife has an iPhone 4 with Verizon. Since upgrading to iOS 5, her phone has been randomly rebooting roughly 2 to 3 times a week. She is not jailbroken or anything else. I'm not on iOS 5 so I can't compare our phones. Is anyone else having this issue? Any idea what may be causing this and any...
  7. IceCold357

    Clear Alerts/Dashboard

    Is there anyway to clear the dashboard alert notifications from the app itself? I have to go to the safari site and then clear from there. I come back to the app and they are cleared from the dashboard. I have OCD so seeing the notifications on the dashboard and not being able to clear them is...
  8. IceCold357

    Verizon Firmware 4.2.10 Jailbreak (Downgrade)

    My wife didn't wait until I got home from work today and went to synch her phone up. Well she clicked on "Yes" and is now running 4.2.10. Can this be downgraded so that she can get back jailbroken or is she screwed? After the headache I went through with mine, now I have to go through it with...
  9. IceCold357

    Have I lost my Jailbreak?

    I was on 4.2.1. and today I went to reboot by phone because an app was not installing. Well not I am in a continuios boot logo. It starts with the Apple and then goes to the skull. I am trying to pull it up on Tiny Umbrella but it is not recognizing the phone. Am I screwed?
  10. IceCold357

    Jailbroken Verizon iPhone receiver sound not working?

    I need help with my wife's Verizon iPhone. Whenever she makes a call, she gets no sound through the earpiece and can't talk in the receiver. When she turns on the speaker phone everything is fine. She can hear and talk. Also when she plugs in the earbuds everything is fine she can hear and talk...
  11. IceCold357

    Help with Status Bar Icon Removal.....

    When I get a notification of a text message I am getting 2 icons in my status bar. One icon is a nice retina display text bubble and the other is a pixalated text bubble. I am trying to figure out how to remove the pixalated bubble so that I just see the retina display type bubble. I am using...
  12. IceCold357

    Free Rollover Minutes From AT&T

    I haven't seen this posted yet. Text "YES" to 11113020 and get 1000 free Rollover minutes from AT&T. It takes 4 weeks to process but hey it's free. I sent a text last night and didn't get anything back. This morning I tried it again and got 3 texts says thanks for accepting so not sure if...
  13. IceCold357

    Transfer an Upgrade for an iPhone 4?

    My wife's main line is not eligible for an upgrade but on the Verizon site it is showing that her second line is eligible for an upgrade as of November, 2010. It is allowing her to transfer that upgrade to her mainline. My question is will it allow her to also to do in order to get the iPhone 4...
  14. IceCold357

    Is my iPhone 4 bricked after 4.2 Tethered Jailbreak?

    Everything went fine up until I had to update Cydia and then PkgBackup. I did a reboot from RedSnow and now it just keeps going to that "Enter Passcode" screen and won't let me enter anything. Then after about 2-3 minutes the pineApple shows up and it starts all over again with the "Enter...
  15. IceCold357

    Help!.....I Just Lost My JailBreak

    I just went to update my iBlacklist and I lost my jailbreak. After iBlacklist updated, I had some icons that were missing. Well I did another reboot and then I got the "Connect to iTunes" image. I think connected to iTunes and tried to upload my custom firmware build from the last JB. I got an...
  16. IceCold357

    Open App Market?

    I saw a tweet earlier today about the Open App Market and was wondering if anyone has tried it. It does not require jailbreaking to use and install apps so I guess it is just an alternative to the App Store. You add the icon to your home page and open it from there. If anyone has any info on it...
  17. IceCold357

    Beautiful Retro Skin for iPhone 4

    I really want this skin. Anyone have any info on this. I love the Apple logo. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  18. IceCold357

    Put images into folder names

    Hey guys this is pretty cool. If you use Twittelator, you can copy and paste the emoticons from the Twittelator Keyboard into the names of your folders. Now this may work with all emoticons but I just saw it for Twittelator. Sorry if this has already been posted but I didn't see it. I think...
  19. IceCold357

    Steve Jobs..."Stay Tuned"

    It's being reported on another forum that Steve Jobs sent a reply to an email he received about the reception issues on the iPhone 4 with; "Steve Tuned" Does this mean for sure a fix is coming early this week?
  20. IceCold357

    EIC App and iPhone 4

    Is anyone else having the problem of not being able to see posts on the app? Everything else is fine but when I click to view a post nothing comes up. There is just a 0 and nothing loads after it says loading.