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  1. rod4soonrs

    Espn Scorecenter

    There is a new version of ESPN Scorecenter in the App Store. The update now features push notifications, so you can get instant updates of scores of your favorite teams.
  2. rod4soonrs


    I saw on the previous video from the wwdc that espn was going to have an alert with the signature alert sound, the nah nah nah, nah nah nah. Anyone know how this works, is it a certain app?
  3. rod4soonrs

    Can I share files with other phones using Bluetooth

    Can we now use bluetooth to exchange files between phones? I.E. mp3's?
  4. rod4soonrs

    LED Football

    Had this game as a kid, loved it, also had basketball, and baseball, hopefully they will add these too.
  5. rod4soonrs

    ESPN App

    Not in the app store, but here's a link, looks pretty good.