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    App For Taking Notes

    I am looking for an app that will help me take notes. I saw someone with an android tablet that was taking notes and writing on the tablet with a stylist and the app would type what she was writing. Anything like that for IPad?
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    Retrieving Apps From The Cloud

    My daughter upgraded to the 6. She put everything on the Cloud. When she went to put everything on her new phone none of her apps downloaded. She went to the App Store and downloaded the ones she had before. She had an app called the Vault. None of her information is there. Help! How can she...
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    How soon can I order my iPhone?

    We are with AT&T and we are not on the Family Share but an older plan. AT&T says we can upgrade with a discount on Nov6. Can we order our phones so they arrive then or do we have to wait until Nov. 6 to even order them? It is still taking a while just to get the 6.
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    How to restore photos from my Mac

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I did a search and could not find anything. I want to delete some of my pictures on my iPhone 4. I have them stored on my MacBook in iTunes. If I delete them from my phone can I put them back on my phone if I want. If so how complicated is it to do this...
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    Problems With 5s Camera

    Just heard some are having problems with their camera on the new phone. Something about a purple haze around pictures. Anyone?
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    Flyover on Maps?

    I cannot find how to get flyover on Maps. Can someone help?
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    Panorama pictures in iPhone 4

    I down loaded IOS6. I do not have the panorama option on my camera. I am I missing something?
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    Predicted Impact of iPhone 5 on Economy

    Chief U.S. economist Michael Feroli apparently believes that the new iPhone isn’t just your average gadget. Far from that, he feels that the new iconic handset coming out of Cupertino will exercise a great power over the tech markets worldwide. He stated that the iPhone 5 is expected to cause...