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  1. Ibrahim Allaf

    iOS 7 hell! help me downgrade

    My wife has an iPad 2 and it has been working perfectly until she updated to that cursed iOS 7 1) She hates the cartoony look 2) her iPad became laggy in everything she does including typing 3) she updated to the 2nd iOS 7 update hoping things would get better but nope 4) in Skype, when she...
  2. Ibrahim Allaf

    How to recover a deleted video?

    My manager has an iPhone 4 and her small son accidentally deleted a very important video. How can she retrieve that video back? is there a good and reliable program that can do this?
  3. Ibrahim Allaf

    No folders in my email? What the heck?

    I am really mad that such basic features are either missing or non existent in Apple's great iOS! the iPhone is my first Apple product but things like the trouble I had with switching my iTunes store account frmo the UAE one to the USA being harder than builing a time machine...and now this...
  4. Ibrahim Allaf

    There are 2 versions of the iPhone 5? 3G and 4G?

    My friend called me today and was asking me if my iPhone 5 was the 3G or 4G version. I said I never knew there are 2 versions I just thought there are 16, 32, or 64 GB He then asked me to check the model number I told him mine says MODEL A142 He said that's the 4G version Is that true? I...
  5. Ibrahim Allaf

    Trying to access a website that only works on IE

    My Wife is trying to access a website but it tells her it only works on IE it is a recruitment website now on my Windows 7 that site works with Firefox and with Chrome She tried installing Chrome on her Mac Book Air but no luck, when she clicks on the register button...
  6. Ibrahim Allaf

    Do I have to re-purchase my apps? What the heck?

    I restored my iPhone 5 because I was having a problem with it. Only my settings/photos were restored from the iCloud backup but then I tried to install iPhoto it prompted me to buy it again. I thought the info of purchased apps is stored in my iCloud account this is BS if one has to repurchase...
  7. Ibrahim Allaf

    before I update to 6.1

    I just read on GSM Arena that Apple has started rolling out iOS 6.1 I am on 6.0.2 now... shall I wait for the Jailbreak or can I update now and do the jailbreak when it's out? I'm an Apple n00bie
  8. Ibrahim Allaf

    Very sad that you cant attach files to an email?

    I can't believe this the iOS is one of the best mobile OSes out there and yet at this day and age i cannot attach any file to my email such as an image or an audio? this is appaling? I googled how to do this but I read that you can't do it Apple prevents this so you cannot transfer media and...
  9. Ibrahim Allaf

    Will the iPhone 5 get iOS 7?

    This is my first iPhone ever to get and I'm not happy with the fact that shortly after I bought it the iPhone 6 was announced to be released in 5 months.... I spent an arm and a leg as I got it without any carrier contracts (unlocked phone) and now my iPhone will seem like an old phone soon :(...
  10. Ibrahim Allaf

    VPN Keeps disconnecting

    I have setup my VPN connection on my iPhone and it works fine, the only problem I am having is it keeps disconnecting after 2 or 3 mins and I have to reconnect again manually what can I do to solve this? My connection is through StrongVPN and is a L2TP connection Shall I change it to PPTP...
  11. Ibrahim Allaf

    Where to copy ringtones to?

    I've synced all my MP3s from my PC to my iPhone 5. Now where and how do I copy my ringtones to my iPhone? My ringtones are all in MP3 format but I don't want them to go to my Music library as these are only ringtones... please advice thanks
  12. Ibrahim Allaf

    Problem with the display timeout

    Right, I have a pass code on my iPhone 5, now I don't want the phone to auto lock every minute or every 5 mins as it would be annoying for me to keep unlocking my phone using a passcode all the time What I would like to do is to have the screen timeout to 1 minute but the auto lock to 5 mins...
  13. Ibrahim Allaf

    Question about Syncing Music

    So I synced my entire MP3 collection from my PC to my iPhone I have a question, if I delete an MP3 on MY PC and then re-sync through iTunes I see the song disappear from my iPhone which is all good is doing the same also true? as in, if I delete a song I no longer like from my iPhone then...
  14. Ibrahim Allaf

    I am shocked with the iPhone USB Transfer speed

    So I have around 8 GB of MP3s, this is my first iPhone which is the iPhone 5 64 GB and I am very happy with it coming from a POS BlackBerry 9790. Anyway, I wanted to transfer all my music from my computer to my iPhone and thought it would take at least 3 or 4 hours because usually transfer...
  15. Ibrahim Allaf

    Can I delete the apps that I don't want permanently from App Store?

    In AppStore, I see the apps that I previously installed as I wanted to try them but is there a way to completely delete them as I don't want them ever again?
  16. Ibrahim Allaf

    How to contact Apple for Charges dispute?

    I was trying to change my credit card from a US Credit Card to my Dubai Credit Card. Everytime I try it used to give me an error saying that the info I provided does not match with that of the bank's. So I kept editing a few things and trying again.. To my surprise, a few minutes later, I...
  17. Ibrahim Allaf

    How to delete an email on GMAIL?

    In the default email of my iPhone 5 I can only see archive how in the world does one go about deleting the email or sending it to trash in other words?
  18. Ibrahim Allaf

    Where are the Google apps?

    new iPhone user here Where is Google Maps and Google Earth I cannot find them Google Maps has also disappeared recently from my BlackBerry.... is Google now keeping their app-s for Android only?
  19. Ibrahim Allaf

    my iPhone 5 gets hot as hell during Skype

    I am usually on Video Chats with my friend on Skype like for 2 - 3 hours during the chat, I begin to notice the phone gets REALLY hot 1) Is that normal? 2) Was the phone designed to operate at such a high temperature? 3) shall I take it back? it's a brand new 64 GB Black iPhone 5 PS...
  20. Ibrahim Allaf

    What is the best scanning app? what about image editing?

    I see a myriad of scanner like apps in the AppStore and image editors I want a good PAID one but I am confused are there are many out there any recommendations?