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    Baseband question

    this is probably a dumb question but when they refer to unlocking the baseband is that unlocking the phone to use another carrier (other than AT&T) or is it unlocking the phone for mods such as apptapp. the new 1.1.1 says do not use it if you have an iPhone with unlocked baseband. I am running...
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    OK back on 1.0.2 but can't dwnld apptapp

    Forget it it, got it. for those worried about downgrading, it was easy, very easy.
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    Where to get the old firmware

    widgx had to take it off line, can someone email me where to get the 1.0.2 firmware. tired of waiting and want my apps back. pleeeeeease :-)
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    Don't update if you like null river stuff...

    don't bother updating your phone if you enjoy your iPhone with updates by null river. you will end up with a boring standard phone again. if I had it to do again I would have waited until the null river update is out. the new "features" of the update are not worth it, at least for me Cmon...
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    VMODA Vibe Duo headphones/mic question

    I just purchased a pair of VMODA Vibe Duo headphones with a mic and the mic is always on. Os there any way to turn them off while I listen to music on the iPhone. I can hear myself talk when I have them on...
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    iPhone mods - anyone have problems doing them?

    Just wondering with all of the people who have done mods to their phones has anyone messed up their phone at all to the point where they could not fix it themselves? On the other side how many of you were successful and what mod/mods did you use?
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    Word Attachments...

    I know there are threads on this but I am confused. From what I have read people can view word attachments in email. When I get an email with an attachment I see an icon in the body but can not click on it. This is with my Google and .mac account. Are you able to open word doc attachments...
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    Where is the dial looking phone?

    Where is the cool dial looking phone they had on TV?