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    Post your favourite iOS 6 compatible tweaks!

    I've tried one download to see how it works and it's slow, but if need be something I could do overnight. I prefer to use my iPad for streaming which Movie Box does extremely well! Again, I have plenty of media resources (ex. Plex, XBMC, Netflix, etc....), but I really appreciate this...
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    Post your favourite iOS 6 compatible tweaks!

    Thanks for the Movie Box suggestion! Although you're incorrect about it being iPad only. It works on both the iPad and iPhone. It looks great on my i5!
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    Future of Jailbreaking and iOS7 by evad3rs

    This is great news. These guys really do deserve at least a small donation from users to show appreciation for their work!
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    In Your opinion, Best iPad cover?

    Dodocase! Completely handmade and top notch quality! I had one for my iPad 2 and have just ordered one for my New iPad! I had a Classic, but they have some new ones for this latest release.
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    I cancelled my preorder... Wish me luck!

    I stood on line at the Apple store last year for hours only to be told that they'd run out 2 -3 persons ahead of me. I jumped in my car and drove over to Target and believe it or not I was the 1st person there with only 30 minutes left before they started actually selling them! The problem...
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    Watching the keynote yesterday and...

    I don't quite understand your problem with it as an e-reader. If the back light bothers you why don't you just change it to night view? To each his own, but I use my iPad for everything including helping out family with their PCs with apps like Teamviewer. And if I want to go to a Flash sight...
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    The New iPad Pre-Order Page is UP! (Kind of)

    I finally got in!
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    Which new iPad are you buying or not buying?

    That's what apps like Splashtop are for!
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    The New iPad Pre-Order Page is UP! (Kind of)

    How'd you manage to get in the store? All I get is the "We'll be back soon..." page!
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    This just makes the darn thing less usable

    I just keep my home pc on (which it always is anyway) and use Splashtop or CrazyRemote to browse with my home pc. Problem solved:cool:
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    Not so smart cover

    It was simple to install! Took about 10 min! No bubbles! And best of all it's reusable! The one I bought didn't have the Apple logo cutout or the 3g (if you have it). I think you can get it though.
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    I am having second thoughts

    By using Splashtop on my iPad 2 it's like having my desktop and laptop with me everywhere I go! I love it for that reason alone!
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    Not so smart cover

    Here ya go! Sorry I suck at any sort of photography and I have no idea how to resize:)
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    Not so smart cover

    I'll try and take some and upload in a few.
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    Not so smart cover

    I put the black carbon skin from Slickwraps on the back. It works well with the smartcover, protects the rear, gives it some grip, and looks good!
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    Top 10 tools for remote access of PC from iPhone

    You should try Splashtop or Jump Desktop. Both allow you to stream audio! Splashtop is only $1.99!
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    this accessory is not optimized for this phone...

    I believe there is a fix for this on cydia. Not sure which repo though. Look around.
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    Transferring books to iBooks

    Drag them in to iTunes and then sync.
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    4.0.1 jailbreak

    Europa, thanks for the clear explanation!
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    iHour Theme

    I've been using that theme. Thanks for the tip!