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    iPhone Backup File

    Is there a backup file(s) looming somewhere in the windows iTunes directory that I can use to restore the iPhone should a catastrophe occur? I do not wish to sync it to Outlook or any other application for backup purposes.
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    Washington DC 3G Reception

    I live in Washington DC and my iPhone 3G works horribly. I frequently drop calls and half the time I start Safari it tells me "No network connection". I may even have 3 or more bars of 3G signal and it still won't work. If I turn the phone to EDGE mode it works fine. I've read all the other...
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    2 Calendars

    I have two calendars on my Outlook. The first is for work. The second is for personal appointments. I don't want work employees to see my personal appointments so I keep the two calendars. When I sync with iTunes/iPhone 3G, only the first work calendar syncs. How can I get the second personal...
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    Do You Have a Family Plan?

    How can I transfer my 4 sprint phone to AT&T. I want to get 3 free phones and 1 iPhone. I want to keep all 4 phone numbers. Is there any way to do this without having to do a direct fulfillment? If I go to the AT&T store and get 3 free phones, can I then tell them to sign me up for an iPhone...
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    Direct Fulfillment Link

    What's the link for checking direct fulfillment status at local stores? I want to see which store has the shortest direct fulfillment line.
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    Direct Fulfillment Free Phone

    Will AT&T give you some kind of loaner phone while you wait for your iPhone 3G? I need to transfer my Sprint Share plan to AT&T and want to keep all the old phone numbers. I have 4 Sprint phones. For my new AT&T plan I will have 3 normal phones and 1 iPhone. Will AT&T give me a loaner phone...
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    DC - iPhone 3G Availability

    This is for everybody in the DC metro area including MD and VA. Are there any iPhone 3Gs available around here? Do I have to wake up at 4am and wait in line to get one?