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    Does Belkin Auto-Kit Work?

    Hello! Just wondering if the Belkin Auto-Kit works for the iPhone. It is the one with the dock connector and the line in/out on the cigarette lighter adapter. Also, if it does work, does it charge? play music? and how does it handle incoming calls? Thank you for your input!
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    White Dots = Replacement?

    Well, I just had my iPhone replaced due to a faulty black piece. My new iPhone has a grid of tiny white dots all over the screen (mostly visible in low light/black background). From what I understand many people have had this issue and it seems to be limited to the 7-series lcd screen. So my...
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    Replacement iPhone?

    I have had many minor issues with my new iPhone. First off the black piece of the casing on the back of the phone is slightly off center. On one side there is a very small gap between it and the silver casing. This appears to be no big deal, but every time I remove it from my pocket there is...