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    STILL getting SENT mail with GMAIL!

    No matter what I do, filter, put it as me or my full name, no BBC, CC, etc. I've searched the forums! Everyone has 100 different ways to get rid of receiving your sent mail on your iPhone but none have worked for me. What is the simple true solution?
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    You have GOT to be kidding me!

    So I was told by mostly everyone that Notes backed up with the sync and that if I needed to do a restore, they would be there. Well, of course they are not there! Is there any way to get them? Is the info anywhere on my computer. This is so stupid, the sync process takes some info, but not...
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    Syncing FireFox Bookmarks NOT Internet Explorer

    Is there any way to sync FireFox bookmarks rather than IE? It's silly how Apple gives the options of outlook, windows contacts, etc. but not for FireFox. Is there a possible way?
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    Is there anything the Sync does not Sync?

    Notice how there are more apps and info to be synced than there are check boxes in iTunes? Music, photos, videos, contacts, and calendar. What about settings, notes, alarms, clocks, weather, I could go on. Do all of these mysteriously behind the scenes back up? Is there anything that does...
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    I updated something and OOPS.

    I updated a couple of apps and my screen is black. The only thing that appears now is the sunburst (which thankfully works) of course I have modded my iPhone. Did this happen to anyone else?
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    Help! Huge Help! Contacts Gone!

    This is incredibly awful. I connected my iPhone to my computer for it's nightly charge and as I went to my contacts, they are 100% empty! I had everyones address, pictures, numbers, etc! They are also gone on my computer! Am I screwed?
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    NES Emulator Sound Not Working!

    Everything has worked perfectly when I installed the newest NES from the installer on my iPhone except the sound. I have reset my phone and pressed "yes" when it wanted to take over the sound options. I've also removed the ear buds and then placed them back in and made headphones the default...
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    Two Things

    For one, what happens if I take a picture to add it to a contact through the camera (instead of contacts) and then I delete that photo in the camera folder, does it still stay in the contact? What is the photo limit? The iPhone has many great contact features and I know I can use notes but...
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    Games on the iPhone?

    I've noticed everywhere that people are putting game on their iPhone. I've been told that this voids the warranty. How does that make sense? So Apple is the only commander for installing programs on our iPhone? Other phones you can install software and it does not void your warranty...
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    Flash for iPhone

    Notice how when you go to or a site with videos, you need a plugin. Anyway to walk around this or fix this?
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    GMail Downloading Hundreds of Archived Mail

    This is so annoying. I know its been asked a lot but no one can give an answer in one post. I have set up Gmail on my iPhone but it receives mail that is already archived. Ive already disabled the recent option on the iPhone and enabled pop starting only from today. I also disabled pop and...