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  1. chris

    Server migration: downtime expected

    I'll be migrating the site to a new server sometime in the next few days. To avoid any data loss during this transfer, posting may be turned off. Once the migration has been completed, I'll be sure to update this post and posting will be re-enabled. Thanks for your patience!
  2. chris

    Mail Server

    We had an issue with the mail server that has now been fixed. If you had trouble accessing due to changing password and/or have not been receiving mail, this should be fixed now.
  3. chris

    Super Bowl 50

    I see the Carolina Panthers defeating the Broncos by a score of 31-24, but the game won't be that close. I'll be rooting for Peyton, but I don't buy into that defense being anything great, despite their #1 ranking. Carolina gets a minimum of one turnover and the Broncos won't be able to lean on...
  4. chris

    What's been happening with our blog

    As you may have noticed, posts on the blog have slowed down and as of late, we haven't any new content. Like many publishers, we've seen a decline in advertising revenue over the past few years. That's certainly not helped by past user centric decisions to limit, if not completely remove ads...
  5. chris

    iPhone 6s Should I trade in my AT&T Next iPhone 6 or sell it to upgrade to iPhone 6s?

    So here's where I'm at right now. I've got the iPhone 6, which I purchased last year on the Next plan. As of now, I can pay $149 to upgrade. That would include trading in my iPhone 6. I assume that the number will decrease slightly after I make next months bill payment. The other option is to...
  6. chris

    Forum Maintenance Upgrade July 2015

    Just a heads up that early this morning, I completed a minor upgrade to the forums. This will be tied to an upgrade to the theme later today. The theme update should introduce a few bug fixes and from what I understand, speed improvements. Those of course, should always be welcome. If you...
  7. chris

    Forum Template Design Feedback

    I'm seeking any and all feedback regarding the forum template. Are there things you love, things you hate? I can't promise that all requests will make it into a future update, but I will take everything into consideration. Overall, how can I improve the site's forum design?
  8. chris

    Housecleaning Part II

    The revenge of housecleaning. This thread will be deleted.
  9. chris

    Third party Apple Watch adapter

    I've seen all sorts of feedback on third party bands that package adapters. Either the band isn't great or the adapter is slightly off. From what I've seen, JETech seems to have a relatively good adapter, but their bands are just ok. To me, they seem to have more of that shiny leather look. I...
  10. chris

    iOS 9 Beta Discussion

    Apple today announced the developer beta of iOS 9 would be available today. Users can sign up to take part in the public beta, happening in July. iOS 9 will release later this fall and will be free. The same devices eligible for iOS 8, are eligible to upgrade to iOS 9. In addition, there have...
  11. chris

    Monowear Apple Watch Bands

    I came across these last night after Joshua Topolsky tweeted a link. They real nice. I'm reserving judgment until I see reviews. If you visit their Kickstarter, they did have production problems. It's impressive to see they aren't just shipping for the sake of shipping. The current yield is only...
  12. chris

    Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 Released

    Apple has released Watch OS 1.0.1, the first update to the software that powers the Apple Watch. The update clocks in at 51.6MB and is described as including performance enhancements and bug fixes. The official changelog notes the following improvements: Improved performance for: Siri...
  13. chris

    Digital Crown gets sticky, stuck

    I've been wearing the 42mm Sport for the past week. Today, I put on the 38mm SS, which had been sitting on my desk. To my surprise, the Digital Crown was sticky and to some extent stuck. I found this to be odd as I haven't done anything that would lead to debris finding its way into the watch...
  14. chris

    Show us your Apple Watch

    Seems like a good idea for a thread. Rules are simple. Snap a photo or two of you wearing the Apple Watch. Included with the photo should be a description of the model, size and which watch face you're sporting. Here's mine: 38mm Apple Watch with black sport band. I'm using a simple color watch...
  15. chris

    Apple Watch 38mm vs 42mm in pictures

    I went to the Apple Store today to try-on the Apple Watch. I had ordered the 38mm stainless, but wanted to see how it was sized compared to the 42mm. On top of that, I wanted to compare it to my current watch – a J.Crew Timex military watch. I left surprised at the size of both the watches. The...
  16. chris

    iOS 8.4 Beta Now Available To Developers

    Apple has released iOS 8.4 beta to developers. Biggest news here is the redesigned Music app. Here's the full changelog. Downloading now. Preview the new Music app The iOS 8.4 Beta includes an early preview of the the all-new Music app. With powerful features and an elegant new look, enjoying...
  17. chris

    Would you spend $30 for 25 web television channels on Apple TV?

    Once again, there are rumors that Apple is getting into the TV business. Namely, they would offer a new web television service. You'd pay a monthly subscription rate of $30 and for that, you'd gain access to 25 or so channels. This may or may not include DVR like access to previous programming...
  18. chris

    I went swimming with my Apple Watch, will they replace it?

    This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the specifications of the Apple Watch. It's water resistant, splash proof, but not water proof. Apple says you wash your hands with it on, sweat with it on and wear it in the rain. It can come in contact with water, but it's not meant to go...
  19. chris

    Apple Watch Spring Forward Live Thread

    Welcome to our first live thread! Follow along with the event at and post your thoughts here. There's no need to refresh the page. New posts will auto-magically appear. This is a temporary event thread. For questions, comments that extend past the event, please create a new thread...