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    Summerboard = Springboard on roids

    is there a way to make a row of black below the original 12 homescreen apps above the dock and above my third party apps? i want my phone to look just like nomal until you scroll down on it with summerboard.
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    Restore/Backup Failure: HELP

    Before updating to 1.0.2, I plugged in my iPhone to my computer and synced it with iTunes, so that it backed up my photos and text messages and notes in the phone "stored" in iTunes. Then I downloaded the update, and installed it, restoring my iPhone in the process. The menu appeared asking...
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    A lurker deciding to post, beginning to mod (read: use iFuntastic) - Could someone please make a carrier logo for me? I would be very appreciative! I was hoping for the Apple logo (the Apple), but filled in the with the 3D AT&T stripes. Is this possible? If so, I would love it with EJR...