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  1. qryptiq

    Apple/AT&T trying to stop Tethering?

    cool.. thanks
  2. qryptiq

    Modded iPhone headphones

    snozle Could you post pics of taking the crossroads apart? I just got a pair and I'm afraid to break'em! Not sure how to go bout taking them apart
  3. qryptiq

    so how do i add /opt/iPhone/bin/ to my $PATH

    use putty or winscp client to do this....
  4. qryptiq

    extending my ringer

    hah! thanks a bunch!
  5. qryptiq

    so how do i add /opt/iPhone/bin/ to my $PATH

    so how do i add /opt/iPhone/bin/ to my $PATH i get this message after certain installations. just wondering if anyone knows how to do this? thanks
  6. qryptiq

    running out of space for - what do i do?

    I'm not sure how i'm running out of space for but how can i make more space. Although the obvious would be to delete files from my iPhone i have room to fit more music and videos. So how is it that it needs more memory? from where?
  7. qryptiq

    extending my ringer

    just wondering if i could make the the ring longer - to enjoy my custom ringtones
  8. qryptiq

    Poll: What's the average age of iPhone owners

    38 = happy camper....i installed and now have all these apps on my iPhone. Latest one is having the capability to scroll on the springboard...
  9. qryptiq

    New Clip Arrived

    this thread is worthless without pics or links
  10. qryptiq

    iPhone as portable hard-drive

    i gotta give you kudos for figuring this's a nice find.....:wink:
  11. qryptiq

    The iPhone got me a hot new friend

    don't hate life and what it brings........what's life? money, people, places, things, cars, houses, traveling, entertainment, religion, democracy, adventures, masssages, food, relationships and of course.....the iPhone .....i love my iPhone:wink:
  12. qryptiq

    I need help setting up my college email. . .

    why are you connecting using SSL -secure socket layer?
  13. qryptiq

    Mundu IM.. the best IM app I've seen so far

    nice find, thanks:smile:
  14. qryptiq

    Linux for iPhone

    i would just like to be able to run linux/unix services and apps on the iPhone as linkerjpatrick stated: The iPhone is already running a version of OSX which is a "sibbling" to Linux both having the same parent of Unix.
  15. qryptiq

    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    good point ..... i didn't know this
  16. qryptiq


    ipod has been around for a long time and is still strong. another version of iPhone will not cheapen this one. Remember Apple's assumption on the success of this phone was a bit dissappointing with regards to Sales. I wouldn't be surprised if R&D is knocking heads on questions like "what went...
  17. qryptiq

    NES FOR THE iPhone! (yes a real 3rd party app)

    think of it as a DOS command but for OS X (UNIX/Linux systems) where you have a console (black screen) and you securely send commands to the unit - hence SSH - shell is the console, secure is the connection. Hope i explained that right......:wink: SSH is a promising way of having access to the...
  18. qryptiq

    just got me iPhone

    you are officially roqstar status.....:laugh2:
  19. qryptiq

    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    i'm with you.....although it may be said that having an unlock phone is advantageous to going to another carrier, i don't see that advantage. in the end it will cost a verizon customer between 40-60 a month which is what it costs me....maybe the 20 dollar difference isn't a big deal for me...