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  1. barbie

    Cancel AT&T iPhone 6 and order from Apple?

    I ordered from att ~2:15-2:20 am and got shipping 9/23-10/2. I just went to and they show shipping 9/19. I'm wary because my att order told me that too until I got my confirmation email 4hrs later. I don't want to cancel with att and end up even later with apple. To further complicate...
  2. barbie

    new email acct help!

    My mom just got a new iPhone and she needs help getting the settings for her godaddy website email set up. I don't know how to help her with it
  3. barbie

    Need help with Bluetooth Headset

    I need suggestions on which bluetooth headset to get. I'm asking for one for Christmas. I will primarily use it when I'm driving and I have a Mustang with loud exhaust so I need something with noise cancellation for me and for the person on the other end. I can hardly hear with it on speaker and...
  4. barbie

    Who has had their phone crash?

    I see tons of thread about crashing so I wanted to do a poll to see what kind of issues people are having. Please post if you have an issue thats not in the poll.
  5. barbie

    email push problem

    ok, I have my yahoo email set to push to my phone but it doesn't work all the time. Also, sometimes it says I have x amount of messages, 2 unread when I touch the message to dl them, the amount drops by 1 and says x-1 messages, 2 unread and no new messages appear. Sometimes I turn off and back...
  6. barbie

    free ringtones?

    I'm a new owner and I'm having trouble finding ringtones. There are a few specific ones I want but I can't find them for the iPhone. ATT has one of the ones I want online and I even have a free code but under chose your phone the iPhone is missing. Is the only way to make them on iTunes?