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    iPhone 6s All my text messages missing after restore from backup

    ALL text messages are all missing after a COMPLETED restore. My messages box is completely empty. Tried twice. Latest software. Tried with an iphone 6 and 6s, no dice. 3 years of text messages. Where could they be? I've backed up my phone many times before and never had this issue after a restore.
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    iPhone 6s iPhone was in water for 30 minutes. Help!

    The damn thing didn't back up for a month for some reason so I'm going to lose a bunch of important information. Is there a way to take out the memory inside and install it in another iphone to at least get my pictures back? Lost of honeymoon pictures on this phone. I already left it in a...
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    iPhone 6s Deleted all my wifes text messages by accident. Don't want to restore from back up. What to do?

    4 years of text memories between me and my wife got wiped by mistake. Is there a third party software or anything that could get all the text messages back without having to restore from a back up I have from few days ago? Reason for not wanting to restore from that back up is because I got...
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    Why does voice recognition change "gonna" to "going to" and what is the fix?

    It's among the annoying things iphone does. How can I get the damn thing to say type gonna and not change it to "going to"?
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    Did the search option in text messages get even worse than before?

    I know I should probably be looking at a different phone for business but this one is really making the decision easier. The text search option was garbage before and now has gotten even worse. When I type a persons name who I have had a conversation with nothing shows up. Is this normal?
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    Google Drive App not working, neither is GDrive

    These two apps have been extremely unreliable. I have a Google Drive folder with bunch of stuff in it but GDrive just keeps searching and searching and Google Drive app just says "no items in this folder".
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    Is it possible to restore a 6.1.1 phone to a 6.1.4?

    I have 2 iPhones 5s, one 6.1.4(my current phone) and one 6.1.1. I want to restore the 6.1.1 to my current phone and start using it but because it was jailbroken I don't have a way of just deleting everything so I can restore from iCloud. I can restore to some old restore dates but I need my...
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    Do all battery cases lower the signal strenght?

    I've only tried the Maxboost cases and they both lower the signal. Are the ones that don't cover the upper portion of the phone any better vs the ones that cover the whole phone?
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    Is my iPhone hacked?

    My girlfriend told me that my facebook messenger showed "active 13 minutes ago" but that was 2 in the morning and I know I was asleep. I just scanned my computer and its clean.. or at least AVG says it is. Only weird thing happening in the last few days was when I received an email that had a...
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    How can you search old text messages?

    Its never been easy to scroll up text messages on the iPhone and now with the new update its even worse. Is there an app that would let you search old messages easier than spending 5-10 minutes trying to scroll up to messages from 2 years ago?
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    App Wont Open Bluff My Call

    I jailbrok the iPhone 5 and SBS settings was the first thing I got. I also use Bluff My Call but the app doesn't open. I click on the icon it pops up a screen but immediately goes away. Anyone familiar with this issue?
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    Is there a data shredder for iPhone?

    I want to sell my old phone but don't want anyone recovering my old deleted data. Is there an app for that?
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    Is there still no way to power up a dead iPhone without delay?

    So many times I was in the middle of an important conversation and the phones dies. Having to wait till it has some charge is beyond ridiculous. Since these morons haven't changed that in the new iPhones, has anyone come up with app that would overright that?
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    How can I transfer/copy my Yahoo contacts and notes to the iPhone?

    As Ive added a few email accounts to my iPhone during the past few months it seems all the new contacts/notes that I've been saving have been scattered between different email accounts and the iPhones memory. This is causing all kinds of problems and I want to turn off the syncing of contacts...
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    How can I transfer text messages to a brand new user?

    I'm having so many issues with my iPhone and was told by dumassBar that I need to set it up as a brand new user. I have so many text messages with pictures that I need to keep. I tried what amember here suggested but after doing so, it wouldn't let me send any picture messages unless I don't...
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    Saved contacts disappear. Anyone else experience this?

    Recently saved contacts get unsaved. Its been happening for months now. Sometimes the stay but most of the time I have to save them multiple times.
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    Why isn't there a Call Recorder App for iPhone?

    Other than some spoof apps and paid services there is no app to record conversations like most other phones I've owned before. Why cant they make this app? If its because its illegal in some places to record conversations than why do a lot of other phones have this feature?