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    What does iMessage do and why would I use it?

    Ever notice you can't iMessage and talk at the same time if you are on verizon. I can't believe the iPhone has made Verizon look so bad.
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    Can't surf and turf on Verizon. Useless

    Yes. Interesting how spoiled we get isn't it.
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    Certain text is not rendering properly on iOS 5? Do you know the reason?

    Do you by chance have any shortcuts defined? iOS 5 introduced shortcuts and they can be annoying if you are not aware of them. General/keyboard/shortcuts
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    Can't surf and turf on Verizon. Useless

    iPhone useless on Verizon. I just got a call from my daughter (iPhone on Verizon) and she wanted to know where she was so I simply said "hold on honey I will use find my phone and locate you" WRONG! Because you can't surf and talk at the same time on Verizon I could not locate her until she...
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    Did Apple just join the Digital Camera Market?

    Did Apple just join the Digital Camera Market ($100-$200 digital cameras) & will now crush that market too? Apple entered the Music industry & literally crushed the portable music player industry and has dominated ever since. Now Apple just released an 8meg 1080p video recorder in its new...
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    Does your iPhone interfere with your cable TV?

    My iPhone interferes with my Timewarner cable tv. I have a scientific Atlantic 8300HD cable box with DVR capabilities this does not happen on all channels. Only the HD channels. And only certain channels. Like the golf channel (773 here). CNBC (731 here). What happens is e screen freezes and...
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    Why there were no lines for iPhone at Verizon stores

    I am seeing mostly existing VZ users converting over to the iPhone…I think most of these users are Droid & Blackberry users…. I am not seeing many AT&T users going over to iPhone VZ or at least not yet…I think this is for two/three reasons 1. The number one reason is I think AT&T will...
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    Verizon iPhone is a let down

    Maybe the complaint is he can no longer say "I never got your call" now that he is on VZ....I am on AT&T and when someone says that to me it could be true...But when i hear that line on VZ i know they are hiding somthing....
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    Verizon Voice experience will be better...Data experience will be worse

    The technology Verizon uses (CDMA) is slower then AT&T's GSM so i think the data experience will be worse on Verizon.......However the Voice experieience will be better then AT&T....I live in New York and ever since AT&T turned on 3G i think the Voice is as good as VZ.....Also with CDMA you cant...
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    Email Redirect Software

    Activesync Thanks for the Reply Can you tell me more about activesync. I did not know you can use this if you do not have access to my companies exchange servers
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    Email Redirect Software

    I currently have an iPhone & DO NOT have the ability to connect into my companies exchange servers. What I am doing is FORWARDING my Emails from my laptop (always need to keep the laptop on) to a Gmail account. I then pick these up on my iPhone. The issue is I can only reply to the Gmail email...