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    What is Apple supposed to annouce tomorrow? Do you think that Apple is producing an ipod that's an iPhone without the phone part?
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    High def

    I know this is kinda random for these forums, but iduno where else to ask... My laptop can play 1080p high def trailers and it's very very good quality.... does that mean that my laptop can also play blu-ray and hd-dvd's?
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    what do u think

    nope, its too bulky to carry around
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    iSkin Revo

    is it me or is the case uglier than as appears on iskin's website?
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    what do u think

    i have a daily 4 hour commute roundtrip into nyc from nj...i wanna get an iPhone but after awhile of using a laptop my eyes get tired. would this also happen with the iPhone? would it be fit to kill those 4 hours of boredom?
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    Speed question

    I just did a speed test of my cable modem and got about 6000 kbps. If EDGE averages about 160 kbps, does that mean edge is about 40X slower than cable (comcast)?
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    iSkin Revo

    notice how insomnia all of a sudden disappeared from this thread
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    Honest opinion

    i tried the iPhone in the store and loved it....but i have a laptop and after awhile i hate using my finger on the pad and prefer to use a mouse. would i not like the iPhone?
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    Official Using Videora for DVD to iPhone Video Conversion

    Convert more than one... In videora can you select a list of files to convert to iPhone format so you can just leave the program converting videos while your away? if not videora do you know one that you can with?
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    according to the previous post, the iskin won't work with the visor on. won't it be annoying having to keep on taking the shield off just to use the phone? also, can someone recommend a plastic peelable thing to put on the screen?
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    How are EDGE speeds compared to cable?

    Can someone please tell me how much slower EDGE is than cable modem? Is it slower than dial-up? How long does it take to load this website?
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    How much different is the iPhone's youtube vs. the regular youtube? Also, if there's a flash plugin update, would that mean that you can view the regular youtube on the iPhone?
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    I haven't bought an iPhone yet, but i tested it in the Apple store. when i rotated the phone while using safari and video ipod, it seemed to lag to go from portrait to landscape views, and sometimes didn't even go to landscape at all. are all iPhones like that or would it just be that phone...
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    currently AT&T

    i currently have AT&T already, and just upgraded to a new device 2 months ago. but i understand that no matter when u updated if u already have AT&T you can still get the iPhone without penalty. can i just go to an Apple store and buy an iPhone and port the number myself with iTunes, or must i...
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    If returned...

    If someone returns an iPhone, do they send it back to Apple and clean it up, repackage it and then sell it off as new to an unexpecting customer?
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    how does this case look from griffin: is it a hard shell case, just without the shell covering the screen? are there any cases that have a hard part over the screen also to protect from cracking?
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    When will Apple add to 3G service?

    I want to get the iPhone, but i was really hoping for 3G. however, if a 3g iPhone comes out, 1. when do you think it would come out 2. would 3g effect battery life 3. would 3g effect phone prices/ data contract prices
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    Why are people overbidding on eBay?

    Why is everyone overbidding on ebay...most of the stores in my area have em back in stock
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    Edge or wait for 3G iPhone

    is it worth buying the iPhone, or should i wait until the next one that supports 3g?
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    thanks for the advice!