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  1. wildturkey

    Please help on one signal bar after JB 4.3.3 with baseband 01.59 on iPhone 4

    Is there any fix for this.....When i install ultrasn0w it gets corrected but I loose MMS and visual voicemail when I uninstall it I get everything back but no sinal bars whats going on? Thanks
  2. wildturkey

    Jb using redsn0w and preserving my baseline after using pwnage tool Question

    I JB using the pwnage tool to preserve my 01.59 baseline on 4.3.3....but now i want to get multi gestures and it says i can use redsn0w to get it my question is when you start redsn0w and need to direct it to an ipsw do you go to reg 4.3.3 or the custom one created by the pwnage tool? Please...
  3. wildturkey

    10% battery warning showed crazy number

    Check this out anyone get this
  4. wildturkey

    Android on iPhone 4

    Can you run andriod on iPhone 4? I've seen videos on YouTube, but wasn't sure if these were real or not.
  5. wildturkey

    Limera1n "waiting for device" please help

    i have a mac and i downloaded limera1n on my windows 7 side and this is the message it get WTF do i do please help......I have a iPhone 4 updated to 4.1 previous JB with
  6. wildturkey

    New Apple TV very disappointed had to return it already

    Just bought it last night and I had to return it this morning ......the picture on the screen was wobby/shaking my TV is 4-5 year old plazma with an HDMI output plugged it directly into it still shakey picture.........use HDMI switcher still shakey....use it on my newre TV upstairs no problem I...
  7. wildturkey

    Why does available memory fluctuate so much? Please help

    My available memmory fluctuates fro 345 mb to 231 mb at times then i reboot and it backup again....I make sure everything isn't running in Process Thanks
  8. wildturkey

    Can't add sources to Cydia on iPhone 4

    Anytime I try to add a source it just hangs up doesn't finish......any suggestions Thanks
  9. wildturkey

    How to get Cydia purchased apps bought from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4?

    Do you need to pay for them again because if you go to re install them won't it recognize a different serial number from your phone? Thanks
  10. wildturkey

    Sending video from iPhone 4 to another iPhone 4= bad quality

    My buddy sent me a video from his vacation mms it to me very choppy quality but I saw the video on his phone crystal clear WTF?
  11. wildturkey

    Case with flash pictures

    No matter what cases I use I get a reflection that causes my pictures to have white bloches in them anyone else have the problems?
  12. wildturkey

    Square trade warranty are they Legit?

    is this legit........Has anyone ever had or use this ?is there a coupon code to use?
  13. wildturkey

    iPhone 4 pictures with flash WTF

    I took pictures with the flash it has a white haze and yes I took of the plastic off the back anyone else have this problem.........disappointed
  14. wildturkey

    Error 1604 when JB on iPhone 3GS with pwange tool 4.01

    I'm getting error 1604 when jailbreaking my iPhone 3GS using the Pwnage tool version 4.01. Also, I'm on a Mac, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  15. wildturkey

    Just ordered over the phone got confirmation # but.....

    They said it would deliver between 25-29 that's bull**** ....I reserved on at the store as well if I don't get it on the 24th by 10am I'm going to pick it up at the store and refuse the shipment when it gets here.........anyone get this response
  16. wildturkey

    Can you pre order the Bumper case with the iPhone 4

    can you pre order the bumper case and Applecare when you order the iPhone 4?
  17. wildturkey

    Is there anyway to tether 4.0 beta 3 yet?

    That's the only thin I will miss without my JB ability because i want to use it on my iPad WiFi Thanks
  18. wildturkey

    Help with 4.0 beta 2 Questions

    I have down loaded the software and on a list but I currently have3.1.2 JB do I need to go to 3.1.3 first? Do i need to put it in any mode?DFU or recovery Can you restore from backup? will my corporate email work the same exchange? ( need it for work) Can you revert back if its to buggy...
  19. wildturkey

    Overboard was deleted after updating LibActivator

    Anyone know why it was deleted from my apps after updating LibActivator last night? I can use Orbit but it doesn't show all 5 rows if you have FiveIRows installed...Can anyone help Thanks
  20. wildturkey

    Animation MMS?

    FINALLY MMS DROPPED, but why is it that when you receive an animated pic with sounds you cannot view the animation and*listen to*sound at the same time? You can only view/listen to*one at a time (either the animation or the sound), where as with any other device you can view/listen both at the...