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    Making phone call issue

    Mine did it too on Verizon. I exchanged it and have had no problems since! Hopefully you are still within 30 days and can get a new one.... Good luck!
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    Refurb iPhone 4 - Dust issue

    I have had 2 refurbs and both had issues. After they were in disbelief I emailed pictures to the customer service rep who is trying to get me a retail swap. I was on day 40 before I called so if you are within 30 days please make sure you get a retail new swap. The refurbs seem to not be up to...
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    Replacement iPhone at the Apple Store

    I am really hoping so. They were very accommodating and did send out another replacement within 6 hours of my call I had the tracking info.
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    Replacement iPhone at the Apple Store

    Refurbs/returns. I just got one today and it was crap. Yellow picture issue and some kind of gasket or something coming from where the screen meets the metal frame. They were nice enough to hold a second 700 on my credit card and ship a second pot luck refurb to me. We'll see what shows up in...
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    Ive had it with the piece of ****

    I just called them and they exchanged mine no problem over the phone with a credit card hold. They did try and charge me a $29.00 exchange shipping fee. But, after asking for a supervisor as I own pretty much every Apple product they sell, they were more then accommodating and had no problem...
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    My black iPhone 4 with white bumper

    Dammit! I have the black one coming on tuesday and I wasn't sure which way to go. This sums up that I should have gone white. Thanks! LoL It looks great btw!
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    Square trade warranty are they Legit?

    I went with squaretrade for my warranty. I have read lots of great reviews and with the coupon code (80.00) for 2 years it seems like a great idea. The company has great customer service I have to say. They even called me 2 days later and thanked me and asked if I had any other questions about...
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    Seems some orders are prepared for shipment.

    I ordered a 32gb from fyi....
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    Seems some orders are prepared for shipment.

    Mine is also showing prepared for shipment....Its getting close now!
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    If doors open at 7am at Apple when should I be there to get a good spot?

    well, they said it was about 5-6x as many pre-orders so if this is anything to judge when you should go and camp I would start getting ready! Or you can ask Santa for one for xmas when they will just have them in stock at the Apple or att store! LOL Just kidding...I would get there early the...
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    Many hours of frustration here also! But, success here also! 32 gb black on it's way from Be patient as the server is really getting slammed. Don't refresh after you click the eligibility link....just give it a minute.