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  1. AdrianCubed

    iTunes 1015 Error, tried everything. Nothing working iPhone 3G

    I've got an iPhone 3G 16GB. It was jailbroken ages ago on 4.1 with 6.15.00 via Pwnage Tool. A few days ago I noticed my App store app and iTunes app were missing from the phone, and unable to be searched. I was unable to load apps onto the phone via iTunes as well. So I figured let me kill two...
  2. AdrianCubed

    Help my friend?

    If this is against the rules then sorry, remove. Guys, I'm asking for your help eiC so that my best friend doesn't get deported from America, takes less than 30seconds, you only need your name/Email/zipcode. (If you don't have a US zipcode then put 33332 in the field). If you wish to call in...
  3. AdrianCubed

    Anyone know why this is happening to my Mac App icon?

    Can someone tell me or help me understand why the iMKV Extract icon is like this? None of the icons on my mac are like that, and also when iMKV Extract is running, There is no option to open its preferences. Note: I've just recently downloaded iMKV Extract... oddly enough, it was a .tgz, which...
  4. AdrianCubed

    Wiki Leaks and Steve Jobs.

    Okay, if this is a nasty joke, or something that shouldnt have been unearthed, I really cant think any less of the media than I already do for not respecting him, and his family wishes. Its beyond insensitive to say the least. Wiki leaks released information that claims Jobs didn't die of...
  5. AdrianCubed

    Is it even worth jailbreaking now? (debate)

    I wana get a debate started here, hopefully it picks up well. With all the new apps and software Apple constantly releases, refreshes or updates into existing apps, is it really necessary now to want or need to jailbreak? or even remain jailbroken? Even in the following days with iOS5 being...
  6. AdrianCubed

    Any word on contract free pricies?

    Anyone out there know what the contract free prices for the iPhone 4S are going to be? I'm looking to get 64gb version... contract free when they become available.
  7. AdrianCubed

    lol time to delete this forum.

    Im so disappointed Apple didn't release an iPhone 5 with new design, and specs. However the iPhone 4s is a much better intermediate place holder than say the 3Gs... in terms of upgrades was. That new A5 and Dual Core chips and the increase in size to 64gb are enticing. I do love the new iOS wit...
  8. AdrianCubed

    Riots in London and England

    London is crazy right now (as im sure you've seen on the news). Its basically Anarchy here. Police are spread VERY thin across the city, as the rioters/ looters/arsonists attack multiple points across London. Its Chaos here right now.
  9. AdrianCubed


    You've been quiet too long, and MIA. Hope all is well.
  10. AdrianCubed

    Who is Tim Barribeau

    I have NEVER seen one post on this forum by him. Yet he writes (mostly) all of the "news" on the EIC portal page. (sometimes opinionated) but nonetheless. Who is he? Does he even own an iPhone? don't be shy. Offtopic wants you to come fourth lol.
  11. AdrianCubed

    What are you reading?

    I'm interested in seeing what Novels, Short stories, Literature, Books, people are reading. Maybe an effort to get more people to read a book more often. There are more fantastic stories out there than just movies and tv. Having trouble just finding something to read? Head to a bookstore, or you...
  12. AdrianCubed


    Anyone speak any other besides English? I need someone to teach me Russian.
  13. AdrianCubed

    The "Post something interesting" Thread

    Lets give this a go... see what happens. Post things in here, or link to it. IF you find something really interesting (science/astronomy/biology/Cybernetics etc. Just something that you found online that was an interesting read. Here goes: The differences between your eyes, and your camera...
  14. AdrianCubed


    I hope you are ok and safe... with all thats happening in Egypt right now. Avoid the streets if you can T_T
  15. AdrianCubed

    Europa... got a suggestion for you.

    A Movie you and everyone else who want a good head spin from a movie that makes you think. I suggest everyone watch the 2004 film Primer.
  16. AdrianCubed

    Anyone know how to get PDF's into iBooks?

    Right, I've got a few books that i've downloaded from "various sites" in .PDF that I want to put into my iPhone iBooks app. (I already own the physical books, i just wanted a digital format of them to put on my iPhone for when im on the tube and want to read). How do I put them into iTunes so...
  17. AdrianCubed

    YouTube videos?

    Anyone know a well trusted app for mac that allows you to take/download youtube videos? There's a video I really want to get from youtube and its not available anywhere else.
  18. AdrianCubed

    Need a bit of info on jailbreaking

    Well its been awhile to say the least. I used to know it all back in the 3.0.0 days. However now, i know nothing about the current jailbreaking side of things. I need to jailbreak and unlock an iPhone 3g a friend of mine gave me after he got an iPhone 4. I have a mac (i prefer to jailbreak...
  19. AdrianCubed

    Help, notifications won't go away

    Mods can delete after issue has been resolved i guess. This wont go away: Europa Posted on my wall, and the notifications wont go away despite that i've viewed and replied to them... I even tried resetting safari... did nothing.
  20. AdrianCubed

    Oh my god...