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    Pocket dyno only $1.99

    Thanks! I'll check it out.
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    Best app for storing and viewing docs?

    I like Files and Text Guru also. With text guru you can create .txt files and view word doc files too.
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    Pocket dyno only $1.99

    How is this app compared to dynolicous? Has anyone compared them to see if they give the same numbers or which on eis more accurate?
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    spreadsheet for iPhone

    I haven't found away to edit or create docs from google docs. I always get routed to the mobile site that just lets me view my files. Is there away to create/edit from g-docs?
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    Accessing iDisk from iPhone

    As a MobileMe customer, I make heavy use of iDisk to store my documents, photos and other stuff. Is there away to access iDisk from the iPhone?
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    Blogger app?

    Shozu lets you post both pics ad text or just text to Blogger. Works pretty good too!
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    Facebook 2.0 Preview

    Nice! Update looks great! Finally some more functionality.
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    Any news on 2.1?

    I gottcha. Just didn't want people to read and get their hopes up.
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    Any news on 2.1?

    I don't know if well ever see apps run in the background. I sure hope so, but I don't think it will be anytime soon if at all.
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    ETA for SummerBoard App?

    Maybe Apple will release "Approved" Themes through the appstore one day. The lockeddowness (made that word up) is really the only complaint I have about the iPhone platform. Some things just don't need to be so closed like they are. Oh well..........
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    Apps for Pilots! WTF?

    My iPhone gets me everywhere just fine in my private plane. ;-)
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    So, who has not had any problems with their phone?

    The only issue I have had is laggy keyboard and slow to load contacts. Both have improved since the updates, but contacts still takes 3-4 seconds before I can start to scroll. Other than that, I have had a great experience with my iPhone 3G. I get WAY better signal than I did with my 1st Gen...
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    What is Apple TV?

    So if they are on an external hard drive, how can they also be in my iTunes library on my macbook wirelessly? Basically what I would like is to stream all of my movies on my hard drive, which are not on my my macbook's hard drive, to Apple TV. Does anyone know if this possible?
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    What is Apple TV?

    How difficult is it to stream your own movies or videos that I have saved on my hard drive to Apple TV? Do they need to be in your iTunes library or can they be in a virtual hard drive like time capsule? Thanks for the help guys!
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    Calendar Subscriptions Not Appearing

    I hope they fix this soon. I just found out about ical subscriptions, and I loaded up a bunch and would love to have them wireless sync.
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    App Review: Pandora Radio

    Thanks! I just submitted it to the review section.
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    Mobile Me over Exchange?

    I am pretty sure you have to use Although I did see an option in the Mail app to create an email alias, so you may be able to change your "from" address. Can anyone with more Mme experience chime in?
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    App Review: Pandora Radio

    Hey guys here is my review of Pandora Radio for the iPhone. I just copied and pasted my review from my blog (see sig), since I cant link to it. Please let me know what you think. WOW is all I can say about this app. Ok not really, I can say much more, but WOWd is what I am. First off, this is...
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    Mobile Me over Exchange?

    I have been using mail2web exchange for a couple of years now. The businesss exchange is around $14/month, so I figured I'd give Mobile Me a shot as it is much cheaper. As of right now, I have had much more reliability with exchange and everything pushes immediately. Although mobile me does look...
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    Apple me to do folder? What's it for?

    Yet another prime example of mobile me and its awesome ability to suck it up! Glad I have a trial, I may go back to mail2web.