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  1. JPSwartz1

    buying my 1st iPad, do i get WiFi or 3G version? hotspot?

    First off, I have an iPhone 4 on att. With the rumored launch of iPhone 4 hotspot on att march 11 or close there after, is it easier to just get an wifi ipad and use the phone as my hotspot?
  2. JPSwartz1

    On 3rd iPhone 4, same problem. Cant be 3 bad phones in 9 days can it?

    2 weeks ago my wife dropped her iPhone 4 in the toilet, Apple gave her a new one. Then starts the new problem. That phone we had to return because people she called couldnt hear her. She could sometimes hear them, but not always. Ok, so we got a bad phone, it happens. Took it back, gave her a...
  3. JPSwartz1

    Visual Voicemail not working all the sudden

    My wifes visual voicemail suddenly stopped working 5 days ago on her iPhone 4. I searched older threads, and tried what was talked about in those. Technically visual VM is still there and working, just not getting new messages. Reset password (both in the phone and on att webpage,) reset network...
  4. JPSwartz1

    Am i missing something with the "contact pics" in email?

    I don't seem to have the contact pics in email that is supposed to be in 4.0. Yes, i do have actual pics associated with certain contacts, but when they email me, no pics in the subject line as talked about in Did that feature not...
  5. JPSwartz1

    Problem making/receiving calls since MMS

    So here is a weird one. Ever since the carrier update and mms, at least once a day my phone will somewhat lock up and i wont be able to make or receive calls, including any sort of text/mms message. All other phone features are fine, just the phone (important) part. My signal strength locks...
  6. JPSwartz1

    Application data and album artwork wont move!

    So i have all my music on an external hard drive which is working great. Under iTunes preferences/advanced, i have the external drive listed in the media folder location. Heres the problem, i thought it would also put all my iPhone applications and album art on the external drive. i noticed...
  7. JPSwartz1

    ESPN Fantasy Football 2009 App- coming soon

    Just saw this on the mobile espn site on the iPhone. "Coming in September to the App Store.... ESPN Fantasy Football 2009 for the iPhone. Team Management PUSH Alerts FantasyCast Live Scoring and stats League Message Board and more...." Better hurry espn, Thursday is the start of the nfl...
  8. JPSwartz1

    what is CodeBreaker?

    I just bought some new apps from iTunes, none of which are called CodeBreaker. I just synced with iTunes and its saying "installing CodeBreaker" which took forever, and i cant find that anywhere- phone or comp. Was my phone just compromised somehow?