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  1. J

    Okay, can someone help me understand this?

    Alright, so I received my iPhone for Christmas last year and I want to upgrade to the iPhone 3g, am I eligible for the reduced (199) rate? In tandem with that, I am selling my current phone to a friend to help me pay for the new version, I can still keep my old iPhone and get the reduced rate...
  2. J

    So How Many People...

    How many people are going to upgrade to the firmware 2.0 beta as soon as you can get the pwnage tool to work on your operating system of choice? Just curious if anyone is really that desperate to mess with it, I'm thinking of it myself.....
  3. J

    Signal Bar request

    Is there any way that someone can take the BMW M logo from and change it so it can be the signal bars for my wireless carrier? I would just want it to be progressively filled, and preferably not have the M itself show up until I had 5 bars...
  4. J

    Classical Music

    So I finally found a song I've been looking for for a long time and thats "Cello Suite No. 1 in G Minor" by Bach and I was curious if you guys had any other recommendations for classical music outside of Bach, Rachmaninov or anything interesting by Beethoven. I love basically anything on piano...
  5. J

    3 Customize 2.0 Invites!

    I have 3 invites to the Customize 2.0 Alpha, first come first serve.
  6. J

    Golf Lovers Enter!

    I just wanted to see who liked to play golf and wanted to create a discussion topic because I felt bad for hijacking someone else's thread.
  7. J

    really strange problem

    Occasionally my iPhone will stop receiving calls, using any data service or anything at all. I reset the phone and it works fine but this is annoying, I don't want this to happen when I am expecting a call. Any ideas? This appeared to only happen after I updated.